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Choose Fruit Instead of Juice

With the different claims on “100 percent juice” in the market these days, how can you be sure your brand is not mixed with chemicals, preservatives, and other unnatural substances? Everyone knows that fruits belong not only to the healthy food group, but healthiest. Whole fruit is significantly healthier than juice. Why not choose fruit instead of juice and stick to the most nutritional benefits? It’s important to note that while juice is often marketed as healthy and natural, still fruit comes out better. Check on 31 fruit-filled snacks to make your daily dose of fruit a bit more interesting.

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Hit the Trails to Add Variety to Running Workouts

Nothing rejuvenates a love for running quite like a jog through some beautiful scenery and a light mood. But if your running has become so routinary that you dread lacing up, don’t wait until you feel your route starts to feel ho-hum. It’s time to add a variety to running workouts. It’s time to make a change and keep things still challenging. If you want to make progress and still keep it fun, variety is going to be crucial. Hit the trails for a refreshing, revitalizing running workout. Read all about trail running and go off-road!

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New Dumbbell Exercises

Want a full-body workout? While the words “no pain no gain” may sound like a mundane thing in the world of dumbbells, reality says it is quite normal and necessary if you actually want to add lean muscle. But rather than scare you away from exercising and using dumbbells, these new dumbbell exercises will teach you how and what works for your back, shoulders, arms, abs, and butt. Are you ready to complete 15 to 20 reps of each combination below, then repeat two to three times? These exercises get your heart rate up, so they double as cardio.

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8 Ways to Get In a Workout on a Busy Schedule

Mornings can be tough and rough with daily routine. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in a good muscle building workout. You know that maintaining an active lifestyle should be among your top priorities. Part of the goal should be to initiate more movement and slowly incorporate exercise into the system. Whatever your fitness goals, it should provide the best bang for your time. You’ve just got to be a little creative when it comes to your exercise regimen. Here are 8 strategies and ways to get in a workout on a busy schedule.

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Flat-Soled Shoes Help Develop Strength While Weightlifting

You can buy any type of sporting shoes for weightlifting, but not every shoe is fit for the job. The moment you’ve decided to go weight training, as a lifter you need to create a strong stable base that allows the heels and midfoot to drive into the floor and make your glutes and hamstrings work more efficiently. While finding that perfect pair can be challenging, it can be a matter of personal preference. For those looking to develop foot and ankle strength, stick to low-cushion, flat-soled shoes like Chuck Taylors to promote stability and strength.

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Start a Boot Camp Class to Improve Functional Fitness

Though the name “boot camp” was inspired by military training camps, it doesn’t require one to be athletically inclined to join a boot camp class. There is nothing that uses intimidation tactics, but a focus on breathing and relaxation techniques, core training, and a better understanding of how the body moves. They often feature bodyweight exercises, high-intensity cardiovascular sprints, and heavy equipment like sandbags or kettlebells to boost fitness level quickly. Based on programs used to whip new military recruits into shape, you too can start a boot camp class to improve functional fitness.

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Try Deadstop Weight Training to Smash Fitness Plateaus

Starting your fitness journey with even a little bit of weight training updates can go a long way toward your future success. Amongst all this solid training, you’ve seen gains and kept injury free. But now, you’ve hit a plateau. Enter dead-stop training—an exercise tweak that allows the weight to settle at the bottom of an exercise. Even the most diligent weightlifters take advantage of this body’s momentum that uses stored energy to transfer between the lower and upper part of the rep. It may be a good idea to try deadstop weight training to smash fitness plateaus.

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You May Be ‘Stomaching’ Stress More Than You Think

Historically speaking, a stress response may be all about fighting and/or fleeing. When this happens, it utilizes the stress hormones the way in which they were designed. Meaning, you may be “stomaching” stress more than you think. You may think you got dealt a lousy genetic hand when it came to fat distribution, but what you might not know is that chronic fat around your midsection might be due to stress. So what can you do to get bursts of exercise that mimic the fight or flight response? A special training can help combat these negative effects of stress.

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19 Funniest Fitness Fads of All Time: Where Are They Now?

Fitness fads come and go. Some of them help, and some we’re still not sure what they do. Do you remember Billy Blanks and how he became known as the man who turned violence into a popular form of exercise? We’ve all seen the Shake Weight, but what does it do? What about those vibrating-belt weight-loss machines that promised to jiggle the fat right off your body? Find out the rest of the funniest fitness fads of all time and what these weird trends are all about. Read on to see how many of these fads you remember.

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8 Underrated Vegetables With Extraordinary Health Benefits

Did you know that some of the most ordinary vegetables have extraordinary benefits? Some of them even taste superior than any conventional produce. That’s why you’ll see these vegetables as among the favorite of many. These foods are but a few out there yet among the most powerful tools we have to keep our health in the best shape. Read on to learn about the nutritional power of these seemingly underrated vegetables with extraordinary health benefits. From helping reduce the risk of cancer to boosting your immune system, let’s access their nutritional goodness.

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