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How to Become a Part-Time Vegetarian

To become a part-time vegetarian these days is effortless. A well-planned, plant-based menu is linked to lower rates of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. To become a vegetarian doesn’t have to be so difficult. Having more flexible rules means you can feed your inner carnivore while getting many of the health benefits that full-fledged vegetarians do. You can reap the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle without giving up meat altogether. If this is your first venture towards being vegetarian, these seven tips will lead you down the right, part-time vegetarian path.

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9 Scents That Make You Relax When You’re Stressed

Scent is a powerful healer that helps lift a dark mood, relieve anxiety and heal tension in the body. If you’re feeling stressed, what you eat and smell may help you de-stress. Certain scents can trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that aids relaxation. If you like the smell of vanilla, not only will it make you feel instantly at ease, it is so soothing it can make you fall asleep faster. A study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience revealed that some scents has been found to affect the brain in such a way that it increases drowsines.

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Yoga for weight loss

Can yoga really help in losing weight? Weight-loss experts think they just need to yell louder when they say to exercise more and not eat unhealthy food. Yoga is an aerobic exercise that, when done at moderate speed, can help you get in shape. Any kind of yoga for weight loss helps, whether you’re hitting the studio several times a week or developing a 10- to 15-minute daily home practice with a YouTube routine or DVD. So how does slow-moving yoga help you lose weight? It’s the cumulative benefits, many of which link back to mindfulness.

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10 Exotic Fruits to Try

Many people enjoy tropical fruits, especially during the summer. But did you know that, aside from tasting good, tropical fruits also have life-saving benefits? One thing to keep in mind about these amazing fruits is that each of the fruits has a wealth of nutrients more than an apple, pear, and orange combined. While you may be a pro when it comes to tropical fruits, there are bizarre fruits that are considered delicacies in other countries. Have you heard of rambutan? What about Cherimoya? Salak? Get to know 10 exotic fruits you’ve probably never tried:

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2 Moves To Groove Your Swing

Two moves to groove your swing are two spots every golfer should focus. Almost every player has to learn to draw the ball to improve. That usually means starting back more to the inside.  The worst move is to grip tighter or lunge forward as you start down. Lexi Thompson, the LPGA’s newest major champion, shows how to smash it. She knows she’s got the club on track, so she can focus on ripping it. What are Lexi’s best moves? You can get closer.  Here’s what you need to accomplish at these critical spots.

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10 Surprising Benefits of Pilates

Pilates isn’t just a fitness trend. It might have gone the way of most exercise fads if it weren’t very helpful and effective for such a wide number of people. Pilates is a mind and body exercise that requires your core to work while sculpting longer and leaner muscles. The 10 surprising benefits of Pilates make it an effective addition and motivating change to the regular weightlifting and cardiovascular fitness routine. If you’re looking to build confidence through better posture, balance, and poise, you’d love to discover these surprising benefits. Here’s why it is very popular in the U.S.

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Snacking Strawberries Can Lower Cholesterol

Did you know that strawberries rank number two among the top ten fruits when it comes to antioxidant capacity? It’s amazing that strawberries make a perfect match for heart health. Not only are they nutrient-rich and sweet flavored, they now belong to the most important foods to consume. A Harvard study found that antioxidants in strawberries can lower cholesterol, and eating at least three one-cup servings a week can cut heart disease 34%. If strawberries rarely becomes a part of your list, let’s talk more about why they should be on your basket, starting today. 

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30 healthy foods that could wreck your diet

Oftentimes people are easily duped by seemingly “healthy” foods. Even some tiny healthy foods could be loading lots of calories that could wreck your diet. That’s why serving size matters—even when it comes to fruits, nuts, yogurt, and salads. If we come to think of it, the only real defense against buying into supposedly healthy or fat-free items is due diligence. So stop sabotaging your diet, and follow our guide to 30 healthy—but sneaky—foods. You’ll also get advice on diet-friendly swaps and serving sizes, making it easier to indulge in meals that are truly guilt-free.

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8 healthy foods you’re making fattening

Some healthy foods make it harder to manage your weight. Whole wheat bread are known among the recommended breakfast choice, but when you pile on the cream cheese and sugary jams, the health factor goes out the window. Salad with plenty of dark leafy greens is great, but start adding in bacon and cheese and it becomes less healthy. Learn which foods make us fat. Here’s a compilation of some common errors that people make while trying to eat healthy foods. With the right knowledge and know-how, almost any meal can be made nutritious.

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3 Negative Thoughts We All Have And How To Banish Them

Theodore Roosevelt once said that “comparison is the thief of joy” — and it couldn’t be more true. Studies show when we’re too hard on ourselves we actually decrease our goal completion. Part of what we should try to do to make life awesome is how to banish the negative thoughts we all have. If you’re someone who tends to head in the pessimism direction almost every now and then, take a look at the suggestions below. Chances are we’ve all ruminated on these negative thoughts at some point, but now is the time to kiss them goodbye — for good.

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