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​4 Tips For Cooking Healthier & More Often

Cooking healthier? For many of us, the thought of cooking healthier sounds sophisticated, or gourmet-like. Partly yes, because cooking healthier is choosing the best ingredient there can be. Somewhere between the low-calorie, fat-free, reduced salt and sugar-free fads. Don’t worry if you did not go to culinary school, or worked in a renowned restaurant, you can create your own simple, fabulous but healthy meals. There’s even a chance for you to be a great cook! Just take it one dish at a time. Here are a few basic strategies or tips for cooking healthier and more often.

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What I Had To Unlearn After Studying Nutrition

Are there things about nutrition that you should stop believing in? There is a lot of controversy in nutrition and it often seems like people can’t agree on anything. Like following a diet, for instance; while diets may be helpful, not all trendy diets are healthy. They may not provide all of the nutrients your body needs. Take it from a registered dietitian whose real life experiences with nutrition made her realize on several “nutrition teachings” that simply aren’t real. It took her several different personal experiences to motivate her own research on food and nutrition.

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What Are the Benefits of Juicing Broccoli?

If every day there’s a new healthy juice to try, today, a member of the cabbage family is our topic. Broccoli is actually more commonly served chopped — raw or cooked — than juiced. This super green food can provide some special cholesterol-lowering benefits. What’s interesting now is — drinking broccoli juice is another way to take advantage of the health benefits of this nutrient-packed food. Imagine how a cup of broccoli juice can have a strong, positive impact on your body’s detoxification system. Blend it with sweeter juices such as apple, orange or carrot to make it more palatable!

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5 Choices That Make You Healthier Regardless of Lifestyle

Imagine yourself starting a healthy lifestyle today — what do you see a year or two from now? Long-term health is the result of preventive, healthy choices that have an impact on your health today, tomorrow, and beyond. A health-conscious woman proves that to age well– start young. She started to pay close attention to health in her early 20s. Now, at 75 and extremely healthy, she can gratefully look back and see what really changed things around for her. Want to know what she considers the best choices that make you healthier regardless of lifestyle?

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Beyond Yoga: 4 Other Ways to Get Zen

One of the reasons yoga is effective is because people do it with a commitment. Some people do yoga to live life, others say they want to practice it but never find time. Journaling about negative things can sometimes only make you feel worse. While getting into ‘the zone’ can take many forms, high or low energy, there are other ways to help you take a more sound approach.  Here are a four other less-trendy-than-yoga ways to get your zen on. The ways have something to do with what helps you feel light, rejuvenated and inspired.

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How To Do Bridge Pose The Right Way

Bridge Pose is a key stretch for targeting the posterior chain. It is among the poses that builds core and lower body strength, lengthens and strengthens the spine, energizes the body, and stimulates the endocrine and nervous systems. While Bridge can be practiced in a number of ways, the set-up should stay fairly consistent. Doing Bridge Pose incorrectly can encourage over-recruitment of the spinal erectors and hamstrings, which can lead to lower back pain. Feel your glutes burn before your hamstrings! The following tips will teach you how to do bridge pose the right way.

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10 Lessons I Learned as a Personal Trainer

Part of being a personal trainer is to find out what a client’s goals are and help them reach those goals as efficiently as possible. Many people treat personal trainers as expert body transformation specialist. Because personal trainers spend their days working closely with different personalities, it helps to be the kind of person who enjoys and even seeks out social attention. Personal trainers do learn many important lessons along the way, too; Important lessons we all might get something from, as well. Take this confession from someone whose been a while since working with clients.

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How To Navigate Conflicting Advice About What To Eat

If you ask most people or food industry today about the best foods to eat, you’d get a dozen different answers. This desire for practical health information may cause confusion. There is a lot of science out there. Rather than oscillating between different dietary opinions, be misled by the media, or doubt your own convictions each time a new study comes out, it would be helpful to understand the true science of food. So to navigate conflicting advice about what to eat, here are four things to consider about all the conflicting evidence out there.

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11 Healthy Grocery Items That Are Worth The Splurge

When it comes to healthy eating, preparing your own food is the healthiest choice you can make. But with the ocean of food choices in the grocery aisle, how can you choose the best ingredients and make shopping affordable for your lifestyle? A well-planned grocery list will get you in and out of the store quickly and helps you stick to your healthy eating plan. Focus on foods with a short ingredient list. This checklist contains 11 healthy grocery items that are worth the splurge. Follow the tips for filling that list with the healthiest foods from each aisle.

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Why Everyone Needs To Try Foam Rolling + How To Do It

If you think foam rollers are just among the many exercise tools, you might want to review what makes them one of the most effective tools for physique-building, recovery and injury prevention. As people age, their once-spry muscles lose elasticity in the joints and tissues. This leads to develop aches, pains and injuries. While stretching now makes it very beneficial, stretching alone isn’t enough. The best way to deal a muscle with knot is direct pressure. This is where a foam roller comes in. Here’s why everyone need to try foam rolling and how to do it.

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