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5 Delicious Things You Can Do With Ancient Grains

There’s never been a better time to switch to eating ancient grain, but now. Ancient grains are delicious. In fact, America is rediscovering these grains because they pack extra protein, fiber, zinc and magnesium. But the health cred of your spelt, millet, kamut, and quinoa mean nothing if you don’t know how the heck to prep them. There are many delicious things you can do with ancient grains. Roll up your sleeves and make one of these delicious recipes for ancient forms of wheat and variety of gluten-free grains. Are you ready to go old-fashioned?

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5 Stretches for People Who Are Stuck at a Desk All Day

We miss those days where people spend their day working on their feet – walking, twisting, bending, and moving – it is now the norm to spend those hours sitting. Sitting the whole day causes our bodies to be hunched over for prolonged periods of time. It can leave our neck, shoulders, back, and hips feeling tight and most likely out of their proper alignment. Between that and sitting at a desk all day, our bodies are no doubt screaming for relief! In light of that fact, here are 5 stretches for people who are stuck at a desk all day.

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SierraSil signs Riley Wheeldon, Canadian PGA TOUR Canada player

Vancouver, BC, May 25th, 2015 – SierraSil Health Inc. is very pleased to announce that one more inspirational and talented individual will join the ranks as a green and white flag bearer for SierraSil Health. Riley is in good company amongst other Ambassadors such as Cheryl Bernard, Tommy Europe, Ray Ferraro and more who have all chosen to associate themselves with an ethical, quality minded company in SierraSil.

“I’m excited about my 2015 partnership with SierraSil. Being healthy and able to compete to the fullest of my physical abilities is extremely crucial to my future as a professional athlete. SierraSil allows me to be at my best day in and day out.” Said Wheeldon.

“Riley is a hard working athlete who definitely has what it takes to make a name for himself on TOUR. SierraSil was recommended to Riley last fall, to help overcome an injury. Now that he’s back to full health, we look forward to seeing his results and to work with Riley to encourage Canadians to be healthy and active.” Said Melanie Trepanier, Community Relations Manager.

Riley is an up-and-coming Canadian golf talent. For the 2013 PGA TOUR Canada season, Riley posted three Top-10 finishes in six events – including a victory at The Syncrude Boreal Open. As a result of his excellent performance, Wheeldon received the honour of Freedom 55 Canadian Player of the Week twice in the 2013 season. He also finished 2nd on the PGA TOUR Canada’s Order of Merit, earning Tour status for the 2014 season. “Riley is focused on achieving his goals and working hard to get there and is a welcome addition to our team of ambassadors. Together we hope to create a stronger brand awareness on TOUR and offer a valuable health supplement that helps athletes with peak performance and reduced delayed onset muscle soreness, as well as offers the aging golfer a way to stay in the game through reduced aches and stiffness.”  Trepanier added.

About SierraSil Health Inc.

SierraSil Health Inc. was incorporated in 2003 to commercialize the proprietary mineral complex known as SierraSil. Extensive clinical research for both safety and efficacy have been conducted and have granted SierraSil Canadian Health Food Association Natural Product Numbers, Informed Choice Sport Certification and two Patents as a nutritional supplement for OA. It has also been the experience of tens of thousands of consumers that the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties have enabled them to live life to the fullest pain free. For testimonials visit

For more information, please contact:

Melanie Trepanier
Community Relations Manager
SierraSil Health Inc.
604-676-4450 ext. 221

5 Moves for a Total-Body Workout on the Beach

The warmer months are the perfect time to take your training program outdoors. If you’re seeking exercise, the beach offers several advantages. When working out on the sand, each exercise will be more challenging and a highly efficient way to burn a significant amount of calories quickly. Why? Because the sand forces the body to work much harder to stabilize itself in each movement. If you’re not yet into the beach action, do this no-equipment routine to get a killer, total-body workout in a short period of time. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds followed by a 15-second rest.

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Exercise Makes You Less Miserable

Scientists continue to discover links between personality and physical well-being. Researchers assessed the personalities of 642 participants, and then recorded their metabolism rates during aerobic activities. Personality traits and cardiorespiratory fitness are both good indicators for overall health and longevity. When you feel good physically you have more energy and confidence to seize the day — this is one reason why exercise makes you less miserable. Now that you know how little exercise can have a big impact on your personality, aim for three or more bouts of exercise a week!

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8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About TRX

You sure have heard amazing things about TRX, a suspension training that uses body weight to engage more muscle groups at the same time. One of the biggest advantages that TRX offers is that it is a full body workout regimen. Everything you do starts with your core. Now imagine a workout that keeps your core engaged at all times. Not only does your core stay involved on every movement, but you can work your entire body, as well. Your whole body will work and feel better. But there are things you probably didn’t know about TRX.

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7 Daily Habits That Are Totally Sapping Your Energy

Lack of sleep isn’t the only thing to blame when it comes to feeling sluggish and tired all the time. Have you tried to search out for the other reasons? Continued fatigue weakens the immune system and eventually results to illness and depression. Researchers found women in particular are more susceptible than men to feeling stressed. It’s important then to figure out what is draining your energy. Here is the list of 7 daily habits that are totally sapping your energy. See if any of the 7 behaviors below ring a bell—and learn how to change your ways.

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7 Foods You Can Start Eating Again

Do you remember avocado as one of the previously “out” foods? Not only are they rich in monounsaturated fats that can help protect the heart, they’re also full of potassium, which helps balance blood pressure. Wine they say is alcoholic. But drinking one glass of wine per day can help improve heart health and has been linked to decreasing your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. It can also make you look more attractive! Here are the rest of the foods known bad for your body but are the same foods that you can start eating again.

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How To Become A Morning Person

Many of us just aren’t born morning people. Some even hate the thought of it. Luckily being a morning person isn’t a very hard thing to be. All it takes are a few healthy tweaks to our daily routine and of course, the discipline to stick to them. Research has shown a link between rising earlier and being healthier, happier, slimmer, and more proactive. It is fortunate that there is still hope for those of us who dread the early wake-up call. Here are five science-backed tips on how to become a morning person.

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6 Ways To Make Your Workouts Less Miserable

Working out requires dedication to what you’re doing. This goes without saying that exercising takes hard work, time and effort. Many people are convinced that the only way to see results is to bear it while you hold your feet to the fire. To some, this may sound a little boring and even torturous. When it comes to enjoying exercise, a few small adjustments or additions could turn something that seemed like work into your new favorite hobby. So apart from giving your workout a soundtrack, here are 6 ways to make your workouts less miserable, too.

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