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The Ultimate Staircase Workout for Serious Fitness Gains

A staircase workout is something that you might enjoy. This is a type of workout that’s incredibly effective in improving fitness and overall health. Since the body is constantly being lifted up upward with each step engaging more leg muscles, a staircase workout brings even more benefits. The best thing about this workout is they can be done on any staircase, and they don’t cost a thing. If you’re an athlete looking to train “up-steps” as an exercise aid, try this staircase workout plan. It’s the ultimate staircase workout for serious fitness gains. You can do it!

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Common Gardening Questions

We Answer Your Common Gardening Questions

There is nothing quite like that feeling of seeing a beautiful flower garden or eating fresh vegetables from your very own backyard garden. Gardens can relax us, feed us, and help us to enjoy everything we have in our lives. Above all else, gardening shouldn’t be stressful…

But starting a garden can take you down a path filled with lots of questions. What kind of flowers, shrubs, and vegetables should I plant? What do I need to know about shade, sun, and soil types?

We want your time gardening to be relaxing and enjoyable. The more you enjoy the process of gardening the more you’ll appreciate the time you spend planning, digging, and watching your garden grow. With this in mind, we’ve set out to answer some of the questions you might have about gardening. And please, if you have questions that we haven’t answered, post them on our Facebook page or if you have some gardening tips, post these as well.

What kind of garden should I have?

Gardening QuestionsThink about the space you have for your garden and the amount of time you have to spend on your garden. It is best to start small and not get too complicated. Maybe you want to start with planting some flowers in your front garden and using a few large containers in the back yard to grow tomatoes and carrots, or other vegetables.

What is the difference between annuals and perennials?

Great question! Annuals are flowers that must be planted every year and typically bloom for the entire summer, giving you a bright and colorful garden. Perennials are flowers that only need to be planted once and bloom year-after-year. These flowers do have a shorter bloom period than annuals. Many people will combine both annuals and perennials – giving you a nice variety and allowing you to change up the look of your garden every year.

What do I need to know about sun and shade?

Sun and shade are vital to how your garden grows and thrives. Some plants are more suited to shaded areas and others crave the sun. To determine the sun and shade options you have, take the time to watch the space you have chosen – you’ll learn how much sun and shade the spot gets. Remember, most flowers, plants and vegetables need around six hours of sun a day. But if your spot only gets about four hours of sun, don’t despair – there are lots of options available to you.

What is the ideal spot for my garden?

The ideal spot is the place where you’ll see your garden on a daily basis. You are gardening so that you can enjoy it – so think about this when you choose your garden location. Think of planting flowers near your front door – there is nothing better than being greeted with bright colors when you head out for work or come home at the end of the day. Plant your vegetable garden in a spot in your back yard that makes it easy to water and maintain. Above all else, you want to make sure your garden is located in a spot in which you want to spend time. Think about how you like to use your front and back yards.

How can I learn more about gardening and getting started?

We suggest visiting your local gardening store. Arrive with your list of questions and don’t be shy – remember everyone starts at the beginning and has the same questions! The staff at your local gardening store are ready and able to help you. They will walk you around and show you different options, ask your questions about your garden placement, the amount of sun and shade the spot gets, and how much time you want to spend in your garden.

We want you to reap all the benefits you can from your garden. And this means making sure gardening is a relaxing and rewarding experience. Enjoy the satisfaction you get from being outside digging in the dirt, watching your garden thrive and reaping the rewards of your efforts. Don’t forget to listen to your body! Bend at your knees, be careful when lifting bags of soil, and always wear gardening gloves to protect your hands. Gardening is an excellent exercise for both your body and mind. We’d love to see photos of your garden, so please feel free to Tweet us a photo of your garden or post it on our Facebook page. Spring is here and it’s time to dig in the dirt!

Nutrition Lessons We Can All Learn From The Italians

It’s not just that we’re obsessed with Italian foods, but on the opportunity of indulging in one of the world’s healthiest eating styles. There are so many nutrition lessons we can all learn from the Italians. Not only does it give us the confidence of knowing exactly what went into a particular meal, but the secret to eating well on a budget. In addition to enjoying exotic greens and colorful pastas, there’s this pleasure that seemed to emerge from the act of sharing food with friends over a glass of wine, to investing in a few healthy cooking strategies.

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Green Smoothie As My Gateway Drug To A Nourishing Life

Drinking green smoothies these days raise questions on just how life-changing it can be. The blending of fresh greens offers a combination of nutrients that are delivered straight to your cells. The result? A healthy body… you feel calm, peaceful, and happy for no reason. As if the body feels in control and calm even in the face of tough situations. Do you wish that somehow, you too, can adopt a green smoothie routine as a gateway to a nourishing life? Would you believe it if I tell you that this is possible, permanently, and can happen in the comfort of your own home?

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3 Ways To Get More From Your Core Workouts

Every exercise program contains a core movement that supports the spine and helps with things like balance. Your core is not just about the middle section of the body, it is connected to your legs — to the way you stand, squat, and sit. Being mindful of your upper body positioning will help you perfect your core moves. The good news is that you don’t need to be an anatomy expert to get more from your core workouts. If you apply a few basic concepts to most core exercises, you’ll be on your way to a stronger, more stable, flatter midsection.

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Your Roadmap To Optimal Intestinal Health

The gastrointestinal tract has its own nervous system. If your gut health is poor, you can end up with impaired immune and nervous systems. It’s surprising that what goes on in the gastrointestinal system has a major impact on the brain and state of emotions. In fact, it wouldn’t be off the mark to think of the gut as control center sending messages to the rest of your intestinal tract. A few simple strategies will help optimize the health of your gut overall for a sound mind, able body and happy disposition. Let’s just say — your roadmap to optimal intestinal health.

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Why Jogging Is Great for Your Brain

Annually, 17 to 20 million Americans are affected by depression, and studies have shown that people who exercise for 2.5 to 7.5 hours a week are least likely to be among those who suffer. Evidence also shows how jogging improves cognitive function. Exercising in any capacity helps the body and mind to stay happy. But why would exercise build brainpower? Should you really care about jogging? For a visual guide to how this all works, the infographic below will take you deeper into how exercise can offer a natural way to combat depression and why jogging is great for your brain.

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Food Choice That Improves Your Health & Saves You Money

Every day, we’re faced with countless decisions that require balancing our priorities with our goals and resources. That includes our choices on what food to buy and what to cook.  Our food choices influence everything from our physical health and well-being to our individual finances and carbon footprints. What if you could make a food choice that improves health and saves you money? With respect to balanced nutrition, there are easy and affordable choices to begin with. It’s simple and you can do it. So go ahead, let the choices take over your plate today!

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The Best Treadmills for Every Need and Every Budget

If you’re planning to buy a new treadmill, chances are you’ve done research on prices already – both online and offline. Did you find which features you want in your unit, or which among the brands you’ve canvassed makes a high quality treadmill? Treadmills function the same but not all treadmill brands are created equal. Testers found its high-tech bells and whistles easy to use, and its five-year parts warranty means you can pound it daily with no worry about wear and tear. Take a look at the best treadmills for every need and every budget.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Gardening

Flowers. Vegetables. Shrubs. Fruit. Weeds.

It’s gardening month here on the SierraSil blog! We hope you enjoy our green-thumbed theme and learn a few things about the many benefits of gardening for physical health, mental wellness, the community-at-large, the environment and your wallet. As always, please let us know what you think about our blog posts and if you have any advice, tips, insight – share these on our Facebook page.

This week we are focusing on all the goodness that gardening can bring into your life. Whether you’ve got a small flower garden, are growing vegetables in a container garden on your balcony, or have a large garden that provides you with plenty of fresh food – you know how valuable gardening is to your overall health.

A Clear and Fresh Mind

GardeningThere is something truly cathartic about digging in the dirt. The feeling of the moist lush soil running through your fingers really can help to quiet your mind and put you in a place of calmness. Combine this with focusing on a singular task – replanting flowers or prepping your beds for a season of growing – you are focused on this task, keeping your brain from wandering to “to do” lists and past conversations.

We move at such a frenetic pace these days and are constantly connected with our smart phones, tablets, and computers – luckily you don’t need these disturbances in the garden. In fact, leave your phone inside and simply bring out a bottle of water or a nice warm mug of coffee and enjoy the time you spend planning, digging in, and planting your garden.

After an hour or so of gardening, not only will you be able to see the results of your hard work, but you will also feel more relaxed and free. Hopefully this happens every time you go out to your garden. Simply sitting in the grass looking at your flowers or vegetables can have a truly relaxing and freeing impact.

And remember, your garden is always there for you. So if you have a particularly stressful day or simply can’t calm your mind – visit your garden. Dig up some dirt, touch your plants, talk to your flowers, enjoy the smell, and definitely get your hands dirty.

Exercise your Muscles and your Brain

Gardening isn’t easy. The bending. The digging. The lifting. All of this movement and motion adds up to a good work-out. But along with being a good work-out, gardening also places a lot of stress on some of the joints in our body and they can be easily injured or strained.

With this in mind, always make sure you’re lifting those bags of soil, pots, and trays of seedlings with your knees. Never ever lift with your back. To make sure you’re lifting with your knees and not your back do a quick check: are your knees bent in a squat-like position (this is good) or are you bent-over at the waist with mostly straight knees (this is bad). If you do feel some soreness in your back or even your knees, remember to listen to this and to not overdo it. Your garden will always be there ready and waiting for you tomorrow. Taking SierraSil regularly can help you control joint discomfort and inflammation – making it easier for you to get out and enjoy all that the spring and summer have to offer.

And speaking of your knees… it might be worth investing in some gardening knee pads. You’ll find yourself kneeling on the hard ground quite a bit and this just isn’t comfortable. Wearing gardening knee pads can help you protect your knees and allow you to be outside longer.

An extra benefit to gardening is how it can help your brain health. Many senior homes have beautiful gardens designed to allow residents to walk and wander amongst the flowers, shrubs, and greenery. Research shows that this can be very therapeutic and provide you with a chance to relax your brain and help build memory function.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It really doesn’t matter how your garden grows. Just enjoy the process of gardening. The digging, weeding, planting, and watering will reward you with so many gifts that are hard to replicate elsewhere. Beyond the flowers and vegetables, enjoy the mental, physical, and emotional benefits that nature gives you.

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