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Why More Guys Should Sign Up For Spin Classes

There’s a reason spinning is so hot right now. However, the female/male ratio in most classes is probably seriously lopsided. 25:1. Jake Gyllenhaal, is a devotee of NYC’s Union Square SoulCycle prompting sold-out classes. We see a lot of men in and out of studios, whose classes like many others, incorporate lots of hand weights for a full-body workout. But there is one more reason why more guys should sign up for spin classes — a good cardio! If you’re a guy and interested about a spinning class, here’s what you need to know before hitting your first class:

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It’s Time to Silence Your Inner Critic

We all have an inner critic. It’s that inner voice that expresses criticism and disapproval about our actions. Some people even beat themselves up for even the tiniest imperfections. This can be demeaning as it undermines self-confidence and make them feel bad about themselves. An inner critic can be a bully. But rather than allowing that voice to sabotage happiness – we can take some steps. Blogger and author Rachel May Stafford shares the three strategies that allowed her to let go of perfection and find happiness. Do you think it’s also time to silence your inner critic?

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Give Yourself a Natural Energy Boost



At this time of the year, it’s normal to feel a bit tired and lethargic. The cooler and shorter days mean it’s hard to feel motivated to get to that early gym class or to go for a walk after supper. Well, the good news is that you can easily and naturally give yourself a daily energy boost or two that will help you through the fall and winter months.

Here are some ideas for easy ways that you can give your energy level a boost and get yourself feeling so much better.

Take that Walk

Remember that evening walk you used to do in the summer? Well, time to lace up your walking shoes and get outside. Just make sure you put on an extra layer or two and that you’ve got some reflective clothing on. While initially you’ll feel a bit cool, you’ll be surprised how quickly you warm up and start enjoying that cool evening hours. If it helps, make a walking date with your neighbor and enjoy a walk and a chat. By the time you get home you’ll find you’ve got some extra energy and pep in your step.

Do a Diet Check

What have you been eating lately? It’s normal at this time of the year to be drawn to hearty and comforting meals. The problem with eating a lot of this type of food is that you can start to feel a bit lethargic and tired. So do a quick check of your diet and make sure you’re getting in plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, that you’re hydrating properly and that you’re not skipping any meals. If you feel yourself lagging in the late afternoon, try eating 10 or 12 almonds with some fruit – this combination of protein and carbohydrates will give you the energy you need to finish up your work day and get home with plenty of energy to spare.

Water is your Friend

We touched on it above, but it’s vital that you’re drinking plenty of water. Most of us slip out of our water drinking habits in the fall, simply because we don’t feel warm and our sweat rate is reduced. But remember, even if you’re outside walking, running or skiing and your clothes are dry – you are still sweating. Aim for eight glasses of water a day and on days you’re exercising. Make sure you drink enough to replace sweat loss. Look for feelings of fatigue and see if drinking a couple glasses of water helps you feel better.

Take a Nap

A short nap of even 20 minutes will do wonders for your flagging energy levels. This short nap allows you to completely relax and not be worried or stressed by demands of your day. It’s also a way for you to take some much needed “me” time.

Make some plans

During the cooler and shorter fall and winter days, we often end up staying home and not going out. This can make the evenings and weekends feel rather long and boring. When this happens we don’t feel motivated to do anything and the next thing we know, we’ve sat in front of the television all day. To break out of this rut, make sure you’ve got some plans – coffee with a friend, a movie date, or that evening walk. Having an activity to look forward to will do wonders for your energy levels.

By incorporating one or all of these energy-boosting suggestions, you’ll reap numerous rewards. Not only will you have more energy but you’ll simply feel better overall. Visit our Facebook page and tell us your secrets for getting through the winter months and how you naturally boost your energy levels.

10 Must-Know Tips to Stay Hydrated During a Workout

Water is very important during an exercise. Not drinking enough even before a morning run, sweating at the gym, or forgetting a water bottle to sip during spin class, and steamy temps, are surefire ways to put us on a path to dehydration doom. Feeling sluggish at the start of a workout can be another sign that the body is not correctly fueled. Even though many gyms keep and offer sports drinks stocked on their shelves, water is still the best to keep you hydrated. You deserve to know 10 must-know tips to stay hydrated during a workout.

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Hit the Stationary Bike for a Full Indoor Workout

An exercise bike does not require a lot of space if you use them at home. The full advantage is — it can be used indoors, rain or shine. If you do your program religiously, it can be a comprehensive workout that helps you shed excess pounds while strengthening cardiovascular endurance. Spinning works the whole body but especially fires up the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core. Hit the stationary bike for a full indoor workout and you’re getting a great leg workout. If you’re ready for a fitness challenge, look no further than an indoor cycling class.

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Guilt-Free Snacks – Healthful Foods

A smart plan on healthy snacking allows you to have a handy list of snacks that you can grab. Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD, nutrition director of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, shares her picks for guilt-free snacks that help quell hunger pangs. Inexpensive and available all year round, you can make them at home — not only a perfect alternative to the many store bought snack items but nourishing and satisfying treats, as well. Anyone who thinks they don’t like these picks should really try any of them. Easy, crispy, salty, and sweet – you’ve got them all!

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6 Arms Moves That Work Better Than Push-Ups

Some people believe that push-ups sculpt sexy arms, a firmer chest and a shapely body. They’re also an exercise that requires no equipment and can be done virtually anywhere, making it really convenient. But it’s not easy to do a perfect push-up. If you compromise your form, you may strain the upper-body muscles you set out to strengthen. Chelsea Dornan, of New York’s National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer and instructor, designed 6 arms moves that work better than push-ups. Check out for instructions on how to perform then try them now to tone and tighten.

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7 Easy Ways To Get More Out Of Your Workout

In 2012, only about 1 in 5 Americans met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s physical activity guidelines, which call for 2.5 hours of aerobic activity per week plus two days a week of muscle-strengthening. The main idea behind the Guidelines is that regular physical activity over months and years can produce long-term health benefits. Realizing these benefits requires physical activity each week. Once you’re moving on a regular basis, you are able to maximize that time to get more out of your workouts. Huberty and Shawn Arent, directors of the graduate program in exercise science, have some tips.

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Ditch Stress for Good with Yoga and Meditation

Yoga isn’t just about getting limber and loose. Studies show that the ancient practice can actually turn off genes that cause stress and inflammation. In fact, some claims that yoga has healing powers. That’s important because inflammation is associated with chronic diseases that cause illnesses and other physiological damage. A recent study showed that almost one third of Americans are stressed at work. This is one of the reasons of the commonly complained fatigue. This month, ditch stress for good with yoga and meditation. With these regular yoga tips, you not only boost the immune system but de-activate stress genes.

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Exercise Makes You Happier and More Positive

How do you keep yourself physically active as you age? Being fit in older adults are reliable predictors of health and longevity. One of the major things you can do to achieve this and improve quality of life, is to make a few simple changes to your lifestyle. Exercise lowers your risk of major diseases. Exercise makes you happier and more positive. It’s interesting that experts believe on one more reason to start working out. Aim for three or more bouts of this exercise a week. Are you ready to find out and change your life positively?

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