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12 Superfoods That Warm You Up

Food is one very important source of energy that helps keep your body warm during the cold winter season. While having a hot tea or coffee may make you feel warmer, your body may actually be losing heat. Opt for a brew that has thermogenic properties. Eating regular meals also help keep you warm, along with eating healthy hearty foods that keep you stay hydrated as you bundle up. When the weather gets cold, turn to these most suggested superfoods that warm you up. Following the tips should help stave off the cold.

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Resolutions 2015

New Year’s Resolution Success


2015 is here! Happy New Year!

Now for the New Year’s resolutions… Yes, we all do it – we all set lofty New Year’s resolutions and then struggle for a month or six weeks trying to achieve the rather high standards we’ve set ourselves.

And you know where this leads, to an eventual failure when it comes to achieving your New Year’s resolutions. We’ve been there and we don’t want you to go through this again. We’ve put together a few ideas and suggestions that you can use to make achieving your New Year’s resolutions more manageable.

Don’t Wait until January 1

This might sound a bit contradictory considering we’re talking about New Year’s resolutions, but if this change is that important to you – why not do it now? Maybe your resolution is to get more exercise or to eat more vegetables, so start today. Put on your boots or running shoes and go outside for a 15 minute walk or chop up some carrots and pack them in your lunch. Congratulations – you just experienced success with your resolution. Remember, if it’s that important to you – start today, don’t delay until tomorrow.

 Choose One Change

Most of us have a long list of things we want to change or do better. A quick glance at this list can be rather intimidating: lose 10 pounds, get more exercise, read more books, clean out closet, get a new job, travel, etc. That’s a lot to ask of yourself. So just choose one change and work on this. Break down this change so you can achieve small measurable goals. For example, if your New Year’s resolution is to get a new job, start with small steps that will move you towards this goal: update your resume, network, update your Linkedin profile, apply for jobs, etc. This approach gives you a real feeling of accomplishment every week.

Build On One of your Daily Habits

This is a great way to implement smaller changes into your day-to-day.  For example, if your resolution is to take a daily vitamin or to take your lunch to work more often, you can integrate these changes into your daily routine. By putting your vitamins on your counter so you see them while preparing breakfast, it will be easy to take them or by packing your lunch right after supper; it will take minimal effort  and be done quickly. Think about how you can easily integrate your New Year’s resolution into your daily routine – after a few weeks you won’t even have to think about this new habit.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Think about your New Year’s resolutions and ask yourself if they are really achievable. Don’t make resolutions that are super challenging or daunting. Be realistic with yourself and make resolutions that you can see yourself achieving. Rather than a resolution of “I will eliminate all processed sugar from my diet,” choose “I will track the number of cans of soda I drink per day and try to reduce this by two.” This is a much more realistic resolution and one that will likely add to more subtle changes in your lifestyle.

Now we want to hear from you! Visit our Facebook page or send us a Tweet telling us about your New Year’s resolutions and how you intend to achieve them. By sharing your resolutions to one another, it’s actually easier to achieve them. If one of your resolutions is to work-out more, you might want to consider adding SierraSil to your daily routine – it can help eliminate joint discomfort and soreness that can occur from changes in physical activity. Remember, the number one thing to remember about New Year’s resolutions: don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t achieve your resolution. Be glad that you set a goal and attempted to achieve it.

Why men are swapping weights for yoga classes

A decade ago you would have been hard pushed to persuade a middle-aged man to try yoga or Pilates for the good of his health. Not anymore. A growing number of men are quietly emulating women’s approach to exercise. Mick Jagger has revealed that his physique is down to ballet. Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise and Jake Gyllenhaal are regulars at SoulCycle Spinning classes in New York. Men see women not only getting leaner and stronger, but getting less of the troublesome niggles that strike in the middle years: back pain, joint problems and stress.

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Meditate for Energy

If you haven’t tried meditation, you can begin now. One minute to a few minutes a day spent in stillness can change your life. Anyone can meditate, you just have to want it in order to achieve results. Believe that the key to creating balance is calming the mind and body through relaxation and meditation. There is a simple practice that one can do for 20 minutes each day. According to Ayurveda principles, if you’re a vata dosha, you tend to be energetic, creative, and playful—unless you’re out of balance. Why not discover your dosha?

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You’re Just 2 Minutes Away From a Stronger Core

Incorporating ab-burning moves into your normal routine will only add about two minutes to your workout. The trick is to move through each exercise without a break. If that sounds too hard, not to worry: just switching up the order in which you complete these moves will still challenge your body after you’ve gotten the hang of this sequence. Bring more power to athletic pursuits by building up stability. Find out how to keep your core strong for years to come. Take up the challenge now — you’re just 2 minutes away from a stronger core!

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20 Epic Battle Ropes Exercises

As the name implies, battle rope exercises require the use of supersized ropes that are heavy. The purpose is to add strength, resistance, and endurance for the muscles — providing a muscle-toning, metabolic workout unlike any other. To top it off, battle rope training torches about 10 calories per minute—more than both burpees and squats! So we’re not super surprised that top fitness experts, like Alonzo Wilson, founder and director of training at Tone House in New York City, are totally roped in to this workout. These 20 epic battle rope exercises will slam your way into top shape!

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How to Run Better, Faster, Stronger, Longer

Running is a fully integrated activity, requiring coordinated use of our hands, arms, feet, legs, head, and eyes. It’s totally possible to understand the common running myths and make a few minor adjustments to our running routine. The enhanced approach is all about getting more done with less effort. Sounds great, right? Follow this simple routine to restore the body back to its optimal resting, functional state. If you’re getting ready for your next month’s 10K, this will give your body what it needs to run faster, for longer, and more comfortably. Here’s how:

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3 Tricks to Improve Running Form – Have the Best Run Ever

If you’ve been running for years and don’t have problems with injury or recurring aches and pains, you probably don’t need to alter how you run. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter where on your foot you land with each step; the most important aspect is actually where your foot lands in relation to the rest of your body. Instead of focusing on the overwhelming (not to mention boring) technicalities, stick to these simple, easy-to-implement, and actionable running tricks to improve running form. When you do that, you’ll have the best run ever.

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How to Breathe for Every Type of Exercise

Whether it’s time to hit the turf, track, or squat rack, breathing isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind (not falling on your face tends to take priority). When it comes to exercise, the art of inhaling and exhaling may be a little more complicated than we think. While there isn’t one correct way to breathe on the playing field or while running, the breath should come from the diaphragm —not the chest. In fact, studies show that improper breathing technique can impair speed and performance. Here’s how to breathe for every type of exercise.

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13 Trends That Will Change the Way You Think About Food

Terminology is shifting to reflect the sheer variety of agricultural solutions being actively explored today. It walks you through buzzwords that are far less familiar. Aquaculture? Agroforestry? Community Garden? Coop? Such buzzwords have proliferated on food terms around the world. And while words like “local” and “organic” maybe meant something, they’ve been so overused that their meanings have become so densed. To study up on the new lingo for agro is helpful. Check on the 13 trends that will change the way you think about food, and consider the goodness they bring.

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