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10 Yoga Poses for Runners

What makes yoga and running to match perfectly? The cardiovascular benefits of running and the vigorous practice of yoga not only strengthen and sculpt the muscles, but also brings the mind to a comfortable place. Most runners’ issues are due to an inability to transfer their center of gravity out of their dominant side, and one of the best ways runners can use yoga is by applying it specifically to correct and prevent chronic issues. Famous fitness experts suggest you do each one of these yoga poses for runners to stay strong and balanced while you train.

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Your Guide to Getting Enough Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Good news, breakfast lovers! Your omelet is packed with omega-3 goodness — just be sure to buy the right carton. Omega-3s are healthy polyunsaturated fats, and an essential part of a heart-healthy diet. One of the major benefits of getting enough omega-3 fatty acids is that they’ve been shown to decrease cholesterol, lower inflammation, and prevent clotting. It’s nearly impossible to consume the amount of omega-3s needed for the greatest benefit via diet alone. That is why taking an omega- 3 supplement is highly recommended. This guide to getting enough omega-3 fatty acids, is for you.

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5 Surprising Ways to Use Protein Powder

You know that protein powder is simply added to water, milk, juice or shakes. If you’re looking to switch things up, there are plenty of other tasty ways to use protein powder and sneak it into your diet. You can use protein powder to elevate your curries, soups, and stews from appetizers to main meals. Imagine that you can have your coffeecake and eat protein, too! You will love these new, surprising and tasty protein powder recipes that are affordable, easy to prepare and protein-healthy! Now who says a dip is always filled with empty calories?

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10 Common Workout Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Although a workout injury can happen to anyone, you may be more prone to injuries if you do not know how to prevent them. Even running indoors on a treadmill can cause an injury. When you lose focus, you’ll be accidentally stepping half on and half off the treadmill while the belt’s still moving. This forces you to jump off the treadmill quickly. These are among the reasons why it’s a good idea to find out what can cause an injury and how to safely increase your activity level. Here are the most common workout injuries and how to avoid them:

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SierraSil Celebrates Earth Day Too

Celebrating Earth Day 2015 Together

This is the time of the year when the bounty of what we have here on Earth is so easily visible and accessible to us. The early spring flowers are starting to bloom. Garden preparations are underway. The flower and garden shops are bustling with people getting excited for a season of growing, tending, and relaxing.

Sierra Mountain RangeThis April 22, people throughout North America will be celebrating Earth Day. A day to appreciate, savour, and be grateful for all that we have. The plants. The water. The clean air. The parks. The farms. The natural goodness that is available to us when our environment is healthy, thriving, and regenerating.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. As is fitting such an anniversary, there are events and activities taking place in practically every community in Canada and the United States. You can take part in Earth Day however you’d like – helping out in your local community by pitching in to clean up a local park, by leaving your car at home and riding your bike or walking, by planting a new tree in your backyard, or by simply turning off the lights an hour early.

All of these seemingly small acts add up to building a healthier and more robust environment. We often take the health and growing capabilities of our environment for granted. But with more and more news stories about drought, crop failures, farms closing down, and the rising cost of food – it’s more important than ever that we really do “act locally and think globally”.

You might be wondering what Earth Day means to the team here at SierraSil. Well, honestly, we like to think that we celebrate Earth Day everyday – whether it’s when we are planning our travel to a trade show or event, turning our computers off when we leave for the night, when we are talking with people like you about SierraSil’s natural source, or just enjoying our lunches outside taking in the fresh air and chirping birds.

Celebrating Earth Day is all about recognizing the bounty that our planet provides us. And this includes appreciating the amazing and healthful minerals that we can harness to ensure we’re living healthy and full lives. SierraSil is a prime example of the goodness that comes from a healthy planet. The minerals present in SierraSil include calcium, potassium, aluminum, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, silicon, manganese, barium, copper, cobalt zinc, and other natural co-occurring trace elements – all naturally sourced from the U.S. Sierra Mountains.

These naturally occurring elements and the clay-like structure of SierraSil make it one of the best ways that you can support your overall joint and muscular health. From seniors who have sore joints to athletes looking for better performance through easier recovery to boomers who want to ease aches and stiffness – SierraSil is the year-round supplement that can help contribute to you living your best life.

So, yes, Earth Day is vitally important to us at SierraSil. A healthy and robust environment gives us so many gifts – one of which is the health and wellness elements of the naturally occurring minerals in the U.S. Sierra Mountains. On April 22, just like every other day of the year, we will be out doing what we can to foster a healthy and bountiful Earth. We would love to hear from you – tell us how you’re celebrating Earth Day.

To learn more about Earth Day and the activities in your area see: Earth Day Canada and Earth Day United States.

5 Foam Rolling Exercises to Relieve Sore Muscles

Do you do foam-rolling exercises to relieve sore muscles, or as part of your workout routine? Most people get sore muscles that can follow a few hours (or even a few days) after exercise. A foam roller is highly recommended when it comes to stretching tight muscles. This simple and handy device can reduce muscle soreness, relieve stress, and even speed recovery; offering stability and lighter pressure. Have you tried foam rolling? Did you find it helpful? If you’re wondering of easy but effective ways to relieve sore muscles, try any of these 5 foam rolling exercises.

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Vegetable Garden Tips

Get Started With Your Vegetable Garden

At this time of year it seems our bodies are craving fresh, vibrant and crunchy food. Gone are the heavy casseroles and stews. We want hearty salads, sandwiches bursting with fresh veggies, and some savory vegetable stir-fries.

There are no better vegetables than the ones that you have planted and grown yourself. Somehow the tomatoes are brighter, the peas are sweeter, and the lettuce actually tastes like lettuce. When you are out gardening, remember to enjoy the process and not overwork the soil or your body. The digging, watering, bending, and planting can be hard on your joints and muscles so make sure you’re looking after your body as well as your garden.

The Perfect Spot

Ideally, you want a location that gets six to eight hours of sunlight a day. Consider how easy it will be for you to water your garden. For new gardeners, smaller is definitely better, so choose a garden plot that is two or three meters square.

The Dirt On Soil

vegetable gardeningYou are going to want your soil to be a minimum of 30 centimeters deep. Measure out your garden plot and then use a garden fork and sharp spade to cut into it and lift off the grass. Use your garden fork to turn the soil over, breaking up any remaining roots and then apply some quality compost to the soil. The last step is to rake the soil into a smooth surface.

Make sure you wait until the ground has dried out a bit – don’t start with soggy grass. You may also want to buy a few bags of soil from your local gardening shop. If you’re not sure what to buy, the staff will be able to help you, make sure you explain what you’ll be growing.

Getting Seedy

Now it’s time for the fun part – deciding on what to grow. The best thing to do is to think of your favorite vegetables and start with these. Think of the vegetables that your kids enjoy eating and get them involved with choosing and planting. It is also nice to add in a few vegetables that are hard to find in your grocery store or ones that might be more costly to purchase.

You can choose to plant a mix of seeds, seedlings and plants from a local nursery. There are lots of excellent online seed companies and you can also buy these locally at your garden store. Think of the space you have and remember that your vegetables need to have room to grow.

Plan It, Then Plant It

Before you start planting your seeds, take the time to plan out your garden plot. Using a pencil and piece of paper draw out your garden plot and how you will plant your garden. Remember to review the planting and growing guidelines on the back of your seed packets and the information that came with any seedlings and plants from the nursery.

Now that you are ready to plant, follow the instructions that came with your seeds, seedlings and nursery plants. If you’re growing peas, beans, tomatoes or beans, prepare your stakes or cages.

Enjoy It

Most importantly, enjoy your garden and gardening. Your garden will grow best when you give it regular attention. This includes watering, weeding, and checking on your vegetables to make sure that none of the plants are over-crowded.

In a short while you will have lots of fresh vegetables to enjoy at mealtimes. There is nothing better than just-picked green peas or perfectly ripe tomatoes from your very own garden. Tell us about your garden and please do share your gardening tips with others.

These 12 Moves Will Get You Washboard Abs

Washboard abs not only look great, they also help you perform better at sports, lift more weight in the gym, maintain good posture and even prevent potential back pain while seated at your desk. But getting washboard abs is not just accomplished by working out daily, it has to become an all-encompassing lifestyle. Are you willing to train your abs in less time?  Try any or all of these ab moves individually, as an add-on to your workout or all together as an abs-centric circuit. These 12 moves will get you washboard abs. We’ll show you how!

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The Top 12 Energy Bars for Every Occasion

Energy bars are quick healthy treats that can be eaten for an occasional snack on the go. It’s probably no surprise that more and more people have discovered including them in their diet. But with the hundreds of energy bars, how can you distinguish which contains a good balance of healthy carbohydrates and protein? You eat an energy bar probably to fuel your workout, as a protein source, afternoon snack, or simply curb your hunger. But do you know how to spot the best energy bars for every occasion? Here are the top choices for post workout – gluten free and more!

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Is There Such a Thing as Unhealthy Exercise?

The notion of exercise as being unhealthy seems very difficult to understand. We believe that exercise is “good” for us. So in light of this pervasive cultural sentiment, how do we know if there is such a thing as unhealthy exercise? In addition to evaluating how often and how hard one exercises, it’s important to look at the underlying intention to determine if exercise is healthy or not. We can look at quantitative measures. Understanding that not all exercise is healthy is an important first step to growing awareness of the dangers of “compulsive exercise.”

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