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12 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much

How do you know if you’re exercising too much? You must already be dealing with an addictive behavior without knowing that you’re doing it more than what is required. For many people, getting motivated to exercise is either incredibly challenging or just something they do easily because they love to stay healthy. However, a small percentage of people struggle with exercising too much. The following list can help you explore this. It is challenging but these are the few steps you can take to begin finding your way back to a healthy relationship with exercise.

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I Tried Mountain Biking & It Totally Changed My Outlook

Life is a lot like mountain biking. You can breathe easier if you trust that everything you need for the journey is within you. Whatever “trail” you’re on, you have tools like experience, intuition and courage at your fingertips to help you get where you want to go. Ever had thoughts like that? If you’ve ever been on a mountain bike, you know that the moment you look down, you lose your balance and fall right over. Use these powerful lessons and apply them to anything in life that you truly desire, even if it seems insurmountable.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Clean Eating

A beginner’s guide to clean eating is plainly a simple approach of what maximizes energy and optimizes health, creating more than just a diet. With each tip, the clean eating concept becomes more refined and developed, inspiring a new generation of healthy eaters. What about picking one to work on for a week or two so you really develop it as a habit before adding on? You’d be successful with just one of these tasks than have you be mediocre at a bunch of them. You’ll feel such accomplishment and reward after completing each task!

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Benefits of Juicing Kale

Although eating kale has a place in your diet, juicing and drinking it allows you to add lots of nutritional value to smoothies and juice blends. Kale is one of the very few green vegetables that has a high content of beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. Kale is often used for making green juices. It mixes easily with other green vegetables producing drinks that are packed with nutrients your body needs for energy. There are many health benefits of juicing kale, and all these you can experience when you include kale in your juice regularly.

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7 Body-Weight Exercises To Get You Fit Anytime, Anywhere

Body weight training can be done any time, anywhere. Since you’re using the weight of your own body, you definitely don’t need to provide for weights, balls, ropes, bands, or any other tool necessary for working out. Let’s say you stumble upon a lawn with a tree, a bench and a hill. What might you do?  Push-up? Crunches? Perhaps a combination of cardio and toning exercises are sure to make you break a sweat. For those who have no gym membership, there is no problem. Below are 7 body-weight exercises to get you fit anytime, anywhere.

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The Ultimate Warmup for Lifting Heavy

Although stretching is great, there is an ultimate warmup for lifting heavy. Recent research suggests that dynamic stretching improves sprinting and jumping while static stretching can hinder these activities. To lift heavy weights, break records, and add slabs of muscle to your frame, you’ll need a great warmup to unlock your full potential before every workout. The older you get, the longer it takes to warmup properly for heavy lifting. Prepare for lifting big weights explosively with this ultimate warmup. This comprehensive warmup will get your heart pumping and muscles ready to grow fast.

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How Yoga Helped Me Surf My Way To A World Record

There is a level of commitment one must have to achieve success in the field of fitness. The mind is responsible for thoughts and feelings, and with regular practice, as in yoga, it helps achieve goals and dreams. In surfing, especially big wave surfing, lose focus and you’re in danger. In fact, there’s a big reason for every surfer to practice yoga. Becoming a better surfer is no different than setting any life goal. Whether of postures, breath work, or meditation – this champion shares how the practice of yoga made him a better surfer, too!

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Try a New Winter Sport

Try a New Winter Sport

Routines are great, but there is nothing quite like adding something new to the mix. Maybe you’re feeling a bit bored with your same gym routine and classes or perhaps that four mile route you run every Saturday morning is feeling a bit stale. Well, how about exploring a new winter activity to keep things fresh and interesting?

Now we’re not going to suggest you try winter mountaineering or ice climbing! Rather we’re thinking of sports and activities that are easily accessible and are appropriate for all fitness levels. These are activities that we enjoy doing during the winter and really can help break up the same-old winter routine that has us dreaming of the warm summer days.


To put it rather simply, snowshoeing is simply walking in the snow! All you need is a pair of snowshoes – either the new aluminum style or the traditional wooden style. Next put on a pair of boots or hiking shoes, winter coat, snow pants or long underwear under some track pants, a hat, mittens, fill a thermos with hot chocolate and put it in your backpack – and get out for a very enjoyable afternoon.

You may live in a community that has a designated snowshoe area, if so pay attention to the trail rules and if possible acquire a map of the trails (this is useful to carry in your backpack should you get a bit turned around on the trails). Some of you are likely able to find a local snowshoeing club that has regular outings of varying durations, this can be a great way to meet new people and discover new trails.

While snowshoeing during the day is wonderful, there is nothing quite like night snowshoeing. To do this safely, make sure you have a durable and bright headlamp, have extra warm clothes in your car, and don’t do this alone (always take a partner with you).

Fat Biking

fat bicyclingWe didn’t make up this activity – it’s very real and extremely popular with all types of cyclists. Fat biking is all about riding the trails in the winter. The very same trails you ride during the summer can be just as fun during the winter. You can choose to purchase a special fat bike that has very wide tires that are specifically designed for riding in the snow or you can simply ride your mountain bike with a very low tire pressure.

Bundle up with a good winter cycling jacket, some layers underneath, snow pants, put on your winter boots, a hat under your helmet, neck tube and some good warm gloves – now you’re all set to ride your bike this winter.

Fat biking is growing in popularity and if you live in an area that has a good mountain biking scene, guaranteed there are people out enjoying the trails in the winter. One of the best ways to find out about fat biking in your community is to stop in at your local bike shop or simply talk to your summer mountain biking friends. When the trails are nicely compacted down, you’ll find you can ride just as easily as you can on the roads and best of all – there are no roots or rocks to worry about. It’s just you, your bike, some good friends, and nature – winter doesn’t get much better!

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing can be as athletic and speedy as you like. Choose from a designated cross-country ski area that has trails groomed for both classic and skate skiing or simply strap on your classic skis and explore the nearby walking or hiking trails.

We’ve seen people skiing along snow-covered bicycle paths along the river and we know people who love climbing big hills and seeing how hard they can push themselves. Really, cross-country skiing is whatever you want it to be. You do need to invest in some skis, poles and boots – but these can easily be purchased second hand at your local sports store or contact your area ski club if they hold a ski swap/sale. Now that you have your skis, put on a light winter coat, some snow pants, a hat, mittens – and you’re all set.

Chances are very high there is a local cross-country ski club in your community that organizes regular ski outings and likely even gives lessons for all ages. If you’ve got young kids, you can always purchase a special sled that you pull while skiing – this way your entire family can get out for a day on the snow. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to ski to a cabin or insulated yurt – if so bring a backpack with some hot chocolate, some snacks and a few items of dry clothes. There is nothing quite like skiing to a cabin, relaxing for a bit with a warm drink and snacks and then skiing back to the car (and there is nothing that says you can’t stop at the coffee shop afterwards either!).

Enjoy Winter

We hope we’ve given you some good ideas to help you break out of your winter exercise routine. Winter is much more enjoyable when you learn to embrace the conditions and the opportunities – and who knows, you just might find that you’ve discovered your new favorite activity.

With anything new though, pay attention to how your body is feeling and remember to listen to any new aches. Supporting your activities with proper nutrition that includes natural supplements such as SierraSil, stretching routines to work out any soreness, and remembering to go at a pace that is enjoyable, will guarantee that your snowshoes, skis, or bike aren’t left collecting dust this winter.

Have you recently discovered a winter activity that has you hooked? Let us know with a comment on Facebook or a Tweet. We’re always looking for new ways to enjoy the winter and help us get outside to enjoy the bright blue sky and sunshine.

10 Signs Your Workouts Are Ineffective

You don’t want to spend hours and hours at the gym, but your goal is to get a stronger, leaner, and a more sculpt look. It’s possible that there’s something wrong with your workouts. Can you tell if your workouts are still effective or not anymore? You’d be able to tell by the fact that you weren’t seeing results. So if your workouts are no longer helping you attain the goals you’ve previously set for yourself, don’t sacrifice form. It’s time to identify the issue and correct it. Check on the signs your workouts are ineffective.

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These fruits and veggies are even healthier with the skin on

There are many fruits and veggies where the peel is often the most nutritious part, and can be eaten despite what you think. Some fruit skin is essential for cell health and immune system regulation. Kiwi peel is one to contain anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties. The skin of an apple contains about half of the apple’s overall dietary fiber content. If you have the habit of removing the skin of fruits and veggies, don’t you think it’s time to change? Here’s a list of fruits and veggies that are even healthier with the skin on:

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