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SierraSil has provided great joint and cartilage relief for a countless number of people. Read through our testimonials and see what SierraSil can do for you!


My joints have never felt better. I am an avid soccer player and coach and my knees used to be very troublesome. I’ve started taking SierraSil and my knee + joint pain is gone. Thank you SierraSil, I highly recommend it.

- Paul Dailly North Vancouver

My 5lb Brussels Griffon, Taurus, started to limp. He is 12 years old. I remembered about hearing SierraSil and called the 1-800 number to see if I could use the product on my wee Taurus. To my delight there was a pet formula. I ordered the product and started Taurus on SierraSil. I crushed one tablet every day with his breakfast meal. Within a few days there was a noticeable difference in the way he was walking. Thank you SierraSil for making a difference in Taurus’s quality of life. One pill a day is making a huge difference for Taurus’s quality of life.

- Anya Turecki (Taurus the dog) Oshawa

In April 2013 I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my sciatic region which was very painful plus required chiropractor treatments. A friend’s mother suggested to try SierraSil. I used a bottle of 90. I am PAIN FREE and very flexible. I bought a bottle of 180 and gave it to a friend who has drop foot, I toed him to do three different exercises, in the meantime he is going to physiotherapy and doing amazing with almost no sign of drop foot. He owes it to SierraSil because he has more energy and flexibility. He will continue to use SierraSil and recommend it to others in need.

I wish I had known about this product years ago. It is a GREAT product which cannot be replaced.

- Fran Andrews Toronto

We chose to try SierraSil after trying many other pain relief products, supplements and treatments for hip pain. After close to a year of trying different products we tried the SierraSil Pain Relief Spray, it worked immediately and an added bonus is that it is an all-natural product. We decided to try SierraSil after hearing so much about it from friends. Our experience with the products as well as with the staff has been amazing and we definitely recommend the product for anyone looking to relieve joint pain and maintain joint function.

- G. Sanghera Vancouver

I am an avid tennis player – I play every day and I experience the usual aches and discomfort caused by over usage of the same muscles. I was introduced to SierraSil about 5 years ago when I tweaked my knee. I started taking it as a daily supplement and I could not believe how quickly my discomfort subsided after only a week of taking it. I am now a firm believer and have been taking it every day since.

It works.  You just have to try it.

- J Chan Vancouver

Since using SierraSil these past 10 months on a regular basis I have noticed a significant decrease in knee joint discomfort, particularly at the end of a long day standing. As a BC Athletics official, I am on my feet nonstop for the day,  and before using SierraSil regularly, I was pretty well crippled at the end of the day.

Now, I can manage a full day of officiating, and any small discomfort at the end of the day is well handled by the pain relief spray. I no longer have any night discomfort and am able to walk without constraint, including going up and down stairs. Kneeling in my garden, getting up and down from sitting or from the ground are no longer a problem. I am looking forward to increased improvement as I continue to use SierraSil.

- Maureen Vancouver

I have neck pain, upper back and lower back discomfort. It is chronic. I’ve tried different products during the years, and nothing has relieved my back discomfort like SierraSil. I tell everybody I know about the wonderful relief I get with SierraSil. If you hydrate (at least 6 glasses of water) and “adhere” to this everyday. You will find remarkable relief from back discomfort. Yeah for SierraSil.

- Robert C Fonthill

My lady and I have both experience a great deal of relief using SierraSil so I thought I’d provide a testimonial if you wish to use it.

I’m a 71 year old active male with a few aches from various activities like hockey, and every day bumps and bruises. I have a prosthesis in my left shoulder from a major displacement and issues in the bottom of my left foot. These two health concerns cause me the greatest amount of discomfort. Soft tissue in both arms ache from below the elbow up to the shoulder and is causing many sleepless nights. I’ve been using various topical ointments and creams but the relief is only temporary.

I’ve heard Erin Davis, morning co-host on Toronto FM radio CFRB 98.1 talk about the benefits of SierraSil. I wasn’t able to locate the capsules initially but found the SierraSil topical spray and I’ve been using it to relieve the pain in my shoulder. Recently I found the capsules and started taking them on March 30, 2015. By Thursday, April 2nd I realized I was able to do certain tasks without discomfort in arms and since then I haven’t been bothered with discomfort through the night. That was in just 4 days.

My lady also started to take SierraSil and she no longer experiences the discomfort in her back and knees. We are both grateful for the relief SierraSil has provided. My vegetable and flower gardens also thank you and are now being prepared discomfort free.

- Brian K Stoney Creek

As an 84-year old skeptic, I was very concerned with a number of products that had been recommended to me in trying to get rid of the discomfort I was having in my lower back and my upper leg area.

I was reading an article in a magazine at a local drug store and there was a mention of a product called SierraSil. So I decided with nothing to lose I purchased a bottle of SierraSil tablets and a bottle SierraSil spray. To my amazement after using SierraSil tablets and spray for 19 days, my back pain and upper leg discomfort has disappeared. Also I have noticed the cramps I was getting in my toes and ankles in the middle of the night have also disappeared.

- Edna W Vancouver

So, I have been using SierraSil Joint Formula 14 for the past 7 months by following your instructions. My joint discomfort, especially in my knees and ankles has almost totally diminished! I was in severe discomfort prior to taking this medication. Even my wife has noticed that I’m more about doing yard work etc, etc. I am 80 years of age.

I highly approve SierraSil Joint Formula 14!

- Ed S Langley
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