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SierraSil has provided great joint and cartilage relief for a countless number of people. Read through our testimonials and see what SierraSil can do for you!


My Husband and I have been taking SierraSil for 7 years. We first heard about SierraSil on the Shell Busey show and how it helped him. We both had a lot of soreness and stiffness in our knees and also in my lower back. After using SierraSil for 2 weeks we found amazing relief in our symptoms. I highly recommend SierraSil, it is a great product.

Thank you from a happy customer!

- Sharon S Kipling

I started taking SierraSil 10 December 2007. My ankles were hot and stiff and the skin was quite dark, within 1 week color normal and not hot, and discomfort diminishing in knees. I also have emphysema even with inhalers my breathing was still heavy and I was gasping and had to take rests in less than a block. By February my breathing has also improved. By summer I could get around pretty good and work in my yard.

Glad that I heard Shell Busey on his Radio show saying how good it is. I also hear Charles Adler on morning show talking about how good SierraSil is.

I also use SierraSil spray on my hips + sometimes on the back or my legs when they tighten and it eases my walking.

Thank you very much for such a good product.

I remain a happy customer.

- Robert G Winnepeg

I was suffering from discomfort in my foot and found no relief after using an over the counter methods for 3 months. I heard about SierraSil from my favorite radio station CHFI and thought I would give it a try. After using SierraSil for only 10 days I found great relief from my problem. I am extremely pleased with the results and have been recommending your product to my friends and relatives since.

- Maryann D Coboconk

I’ve used SierraSil for almost 3 years. My sister-in-law recommended it because it worked well for her. Because of health issues I had a lot of discomfort and stiffness. Walking was difficult + stairs were almost impossible. My sleep was ready disturbed because I was so uncomfortable. Since taking SierraSil I have almost no stiffness. I am sleeping well, and walking easily again. Prescription meds didn’t help me at all. I am so happy this natural alternative does.

Thank you SierraSil.

- Debbie P Bracebridge

My name is John Collier, I spent 10 years in the Royal Marines before coming to Canada in 1972. In Canada I spent almost 30 years in the local trucking industry. Both of these occupations were extremely hard on my knees. I had one operation but had to wear a brace to do most activities, including skiing.

One day, I was driving and listening to CKNW when i heard Mark from Mark’s Pharmacy at Scott Rd and 80th Ave in N. Delta talking about a new product called SierraSil that was recommended for joint aches. I immediately went over and bought a large bottle.

I started to take the product and found relief quite quickly. About three months after starting I was out with the family skiing on Cypress Mountain and had done two runs and was stood at the top with my daughter who asked how my knees was holding out. I said, fine and tapped my knee and then realized I had forgotten to put my brace on. I carried on skiing that day with no problem. Since then I have never worn my brace again.

All I can say is thank you SierraSil.

PS this last New Year’s Eve day I participated in a transit scavenger hunt ranging fro Surrey, N. Vancouver, YVR, UBC and back to Delta, with many stairs and fast walking involved. I am please to say our group won. I was more than three times the age of the other team members having just celebrated my 70th birthday in December.

- John C Vancouver

I am sending you this letter to let you know how your “SierraSil Joint Formula 14” has been helping me. In February 2014, I found out I have osteoporosis in my left knee.  My husband heard from a friend at work about your product. He went out and got me to try. I tried them. And since I have been on them and using them my left knee has been pain free. I am a senior. I am 64 years old.

- Pat Z Calgary

A few years ago I started taking SierraSil for my knees. Within a few weeks I noticed a difference. Sorry to say, life got in the way and I stopped taking SierraSil for about 6 months. My knees cracked again. I am taking SierraSil again and have learned a valuable lesson. Don’t stop SierraSil.


- Dale F Chatfield

I have a 5 year old black-chocolate lab. When she was young she hurt her front shoulder. She was often lethargic and stiff. Since giving her 2 capsules in her food she is running, jumping and is very puppy like. Thank you for helping her.

- Pat Y Chatfield

I was told about Joint 14 with SierraSil by a friend at skating last year. I am 80 years old. I have taken cortisone injections in my (L) knee which worked for about a year but find taking SierraSil has made my knees and other joints much more supple. I golf and do yoga and was very pleased to find a Canadian-made product. I could order and not have to pay for shipping cost like US. I am already on my 4th bottle and hope you continue to supply it. I have told all my friends about it.

- Joan J Calgary

I am a golf professional and very active and on my feet a lot. I have had a lot of discomfort in both my ankle joints and affter 1.5 weeks taking SierraSil, the discomfort is gone. I will continue taking it daily and recommend it highly to anyone experiencing joint discomfort.

Thank you SierraSil !

- Neil S Thornhill
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