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Dear Sirs:

My name is Spooky.  I am an 85-pound dog who loves to run like the wind and play outside, rain or shine.  When I was approaching my 9th birthday, I was starting to get a little stiff in the joints, evidenced by my hesitation to get up from a lying-down position.  I was also starting to take my time going up and down stairs, and thinking twice about jumping into the car.  Good ol’ joint discomfort had started to slow me down.

My owner took notice of these changes in me and she heard about SierraSil on the radio.  She decided to get some for me to see if it might help. First she tried to give me the capsules on an empty stomach, without food, as per the directions on the label.  Forget about it.  I don’t like to swallow pills.  When that failed, she tried emptying the contents into some water or broth but I refused to drink it.  As a last resort, she began “hiding” a capsule in with my evening meal.  I could live with that.  And although it is best to take it without food, I am definitely reaping benefits nonetheless.  Within a week, I felt better!  No more achy joints!

I will be 12 this year and I’m still going strong with no joint discomfort or stiffness whatsoever!  SierraSil has worked wonders for me these past three years.

Sincerely yours,




- Spooky (the Dog) Calgary

I am 62 and have had severe discomfort in my knees. I live on the 3rd floor. It was difficult to walk up and down the stairs. It got to the point where I thought I may have to either move or be forced to use a cane or walker which I didn’t want to do either of those things. Just to bend down and rest my knee on the floor(to put on shoes) the discomfort in over my knee bone was so tender and sore. I started taking Joint Formula 14 and within 2 weeks the discomfort disappeared. I was able to “run” down those stairs!

Joint Formula 14 is my “miracle” in a bottle. Erin Davis from 98.1 CHFI (radio) was right when she said “by trying this product the only thing you have to lose is the discomfort”.

- Valerie B. Bowmanville

What a great product SierraSil is !!!  I have used Joint Formula 14 at least 2+ years. It was recommended to me so I gave it a try. It was fabulous right from the start. I had so much discomfort in my shoulders and neck and would put my hand on my neck to try to ease the discomfort especially when walking. It was getting so unbearable. I am now discomfort free at 76 years of age. I take not prescribed medicines. What a joy. Pass it along because it is true.

- Millicent S. King

I am a 68 year old renovating carpenter and physical work has taken a toll on my body – repetitive movement and heavy lifting. I suffer from back, arm and leg weakness and discomfort. A carpenter like myself mentioned he had similar symptoms and even worse than mine, said “I swear by a product called Joint Formula 14”. He was so serious I had to try it. In the course of one week I had much better movement and comfort, also less discomfort if I work longer or harder, during a work day.

I certainly recommend SierraSil to physically active people with work related trauma.

- Darwin W. Calgary

At first, I was skeptical about trying Joint Formula 14. The commercials sounded almost “too good to be true”. The walking disability my therapist confirmed was more severe than most. Why not keep an open mind about SierraSil, a natural drug-free product versus corticosteroid injections or surgery followed by extensive physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs to control the pain?

I am afflicted with a very severe case of bursitis (the actual medical term is difficult to pronounce), occasionally aggravated by muscular seizures. I was diagnosed at the age of 11 with an acute disease which rapidly worsened to the point where I could no longer tolerate the weight of the blankets on the bed and was confined to a wheelchair. (While hospitalised, I discovered a creative use for a wheelchair: racing down the hallways with the good-looking guys to drive the head nurse nuts!) I underwent knee surgery shortly after my 15th birthday. Thirty years ago, it seemed to be the only solution. The orthopaedic surgeon informed my mother that I would probably be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my days by the time I was 20. At this point, my mother took matters into her own hands and suggested we thoroughly research my health issues and treat them holistically, without drugs. This was the wisest noninvasive course of action and proved extremely successful until recent traumatic experiences in my personal life lead to my present condition.

It took about three months for Joint Formula 14 to start producing amazing results. I have also reduced my weekly therapy sessions to one monthly therapy session. I am walking much better than I ever expected and at times. Even my therapist is impressed! Just imagine what SierraSil can do for others.

- J.Jones

I have been using Joint Formula 14 for 2 years, taking 3 capsules every single morning ½ an hour (or more) before breakfast. I am a “beginner” diabetic (type 2) and for this reason I do intensive exercise every day of my life, consisting at least 1 hour (or more) of jogging and walking 1 hour or more. Being 76 years old of age, I place a lot of stress on my joints (especially my knees), but so far they have been holding up very well, so my body can tolerate all the exercise. Also, when I did work, I used to be working with radioactivity, handled mostly with my right hand and I believe this may have to do with the fact that the joints in that hand are much more swollen but I am glad to say, that they are not at all painful.

I attribute this to my taking Joint Formula 14 and for this reason; I shall keep taking them as long as I can.

I might mention in passing that I recommended it to my mother-in-law, who is now 89 and has difficulty walking; her joint can be heard crackling every time she gets up from her seat. Since taking SierraSil Joint Formula 14 herself, she has much less discomfort while walking and there are far less issues for her to get up from a seated position. So we both are very grateful for this natural supplement and we both are being faithful users!

Thank you SierraSil!

- John A. Vancouver, BC

Some time ago I was diagnosed with discomfort in my back. I had heard Shell Busey endorsing your product. A little skeptical and not expecting much I started taking Joint Formula 14 as recommended by your staff.

In a matter of days relief started to come. I have been issue-free and an advocate of your product since then.

- Donald R. Kelowna, BC

Joint Formula 14 has given me a new lease on life!!!

My joint discomfort was severe – I would seize up, couldn’t dress myself, and everyday chores were impossible. After taking Joint Formula 14 3 pills a day in 10 days – I could walk better, climb stairs, drive my car, and grocery shop! I feel like a younger person.

I am a SierraSil lifee.

- Beverly F. Hamilton

I have had chronic knee problems since injuring it as a teen. After running the sun Run a few years ago the discomfort in my knee increased significantly. Since then I have tried all the supplements for joints on the market with NO results. I felt like I was only throwing my money away.

After listening to a commercial on the radio I decided to give SierraSil a try. 2 weeks isn’t that long to wait. I will be honest. I wasn’t expecting much if anything at all. I was surprised to find that after about 10 days I actually started noticing a difference. Shocked actually! A supplement that does what it says? How about that?

Anyways, I am now a regular user of Joint Formula 14 and will continue to use it as my knee does not act up like it did before I started with it. And that is good enough for me.

- Don K. New Westminster

Your product has changed my life. I now have less discomfort and more mobility.

Thank you.

- Jim Z. McKellan
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