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At 77years of age I am still working summers doing maintenance at an RV park. Several years ago I needed a knee brace on both knees to keep going. Also one hand was so bad I could not touch my fingers with my thumb. Listening to Shel Busey on the radio one Saturday, he was talking about SierraSil. I bought some and I have been taking SierraSil faithfully for years. I take no prescribed medication. I have absolutely no problem now. My wife has neck issues and also swears by SierraSil. I have recommended it many times and will continue to do so.

SierraSil is a life changer!


Merl Kober


- Merl Kober

After taking SierraSil I have noticed less discomfort and more mobility in joints of hands and fingers. I do have a “trigger” finger which is moving-opening easier.

- Lorraine L Evansburg


Eight years ago my doctor told me eventually I would need a knee replacement. I started taking SierraSil almost 5 years ago after hearing Charles Adler talking about it on the radio. I have no discomfort. Also I suffered from bowel irritation all my life from 17 years old. I no longer have it and I will be 75 this year and tell everyone about SierraSil.

It is awesome!

- Janet C Okotoks

I am currently 40 years of age and throughout the years have taken numerous medications, supplements and vitamins to control my condition. Fortunately I experienced some periods of remission from time to time with the aid of a medical team and western medicine. However I am not interested in taking these medications over a prolonged period of time as the negative effects exist.

Two years ago two people spoke of SierraSil within a 24 hour period. I believe this was some sort of Omen so I decided to take their advice based on their positive results. Note at the time I was experiencing discomfort in my hands each morning upon awakening and it was a challenge to grip items. So naturally I was willing to try anything!

The results were positive for me within the third month of taking the product. My partner was the one that made me aware of my positive results as I was no longer complaining and as a result he has been taking it over the last two years as well.

I am not under the belief that SierraSil will slow down the progression of my disease as it is still unknown as to the causes, but I do know that my discomfort levels have decreased significantly if not non-existent and the quality of my life has improved! I will continue to take this product for life as I consider it a staple towards my lifelong wellness. Thank you again.




- Helene N Chilliwack

SierraSil Joint Formula 14 has enabled me to play high level curling for many years, without injury.  And as I train for my first marathon at the age of 47, it has enabled me to push my workouts in the gym further, have quicker recovery and reduced aches.

- Cheryl Bernard Canadian Olympic Curling

Several years ago I was helping my son with building a shop. This meant up and down on a ladder then down on my hands and knees. After two days of this my knees were so sore I could hardly walk. I was listening to Shell Busey on the radio and he talked how SierraSil made all the difference with his knees and elbows. I was sceptical but bought some SierraSil ( in the purple bottles) and after two weeks the soreness in my knees was gone.  I have been taking SierraSil ever since and no knee or elbow issues.   Works great.

- R Lucas

Thank you for providing the means to continue to live life to the fullest with Joint Formula 14 ( Sierra Sill).

- Ronald Zentner


I LOVE SierraSil!!

I will be 69 years old this year and it has helped me tremendously with my household  duties (washing walls, pulling out furniture etc.) gardening, exploring different exercises, I could go on and on. It truly is amazing!

I wake up the next morning thinking I will be sooo stiff and sore. Not an ache. I tell everyone when they see me how they ache here and there after doing certain activities, how great your product is and they should  try it.

My daughter who “runs” almost daily was telling me her knees have started aching when she runs. I suggested she go on line and investigate this product and if she felt comfortable about the product she should give it a try. I gave her a 2 week supply to see if it would help………….she is a firm believer.

Thank you SierraSil.


Fran Ollinger

- Fran Ollinger

I have been talking SierraSil ‎for about eight years now. I will not leave home without it. I had knee and other joint discomfort, which does not bother me any longer. That is if I keep taking the caps. Sierrasill has indeed made my life more enjoyable.

Thanks for the product. I am also responsible for many other people starting on the SierraSil program.

Charlie Sarnoski

- Charlie S. Edmonton

My 11 year old Schnauzer was diagnosed with an issue in her left leg.

She was limping, and would not walk daily anywhere. After taking a daily dose of SierraSil dog chews, her limp is gone and she is walking 3-4 km daily. Great for both of us.

Ron N. Surrey

- My Dog Schnauzer Surrey
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