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SierraSil has provided great joint and cartilage relief for a countless number of people. Read through our testimonials and see what SierraSil can do for you!


I am a golf professional and very active and on my feet a lot. I have had a lot of discomfort in both my ankle joints and affter 1.5 weeks taking SierraSil, the discomfort is gone. I will continue taking it daily and recommend it highly to anyone experiencing joint discomfort.

Thank you SierraSil !

- Neil S Thornhill

SierraSil Joint Formula 14 has enabled me to play high level curling for many years, without injury.  And as I train for my first marathon at the age of 47, it has enabled me to push my workouts in the gym further, have quicker recovery and reduced aches.

- Cheryl Bernard Canadian Olympic Curling

I used SierraSil to help with an old shoulder injury from football and continue to take it daily as it’s the best product I’ve found for recovery and eliminating post exercise stiffness.

- Tommy Europe Celebrity Personal Trainer

I started using SierraSil over the summer and almost right away I noticed a difference in my recovery from workouts.  This year with lockout it really helped as we were working out so much longer than normal.  When I signed in Europe I took some with me too, and some of my teammates in Europe even started using the spray.

- Dale Weise Vancouver Canucks

New Westminster Senior Salmonbellies Lacrosse Club

Our players took SierraSil during the 2010 Mann Cup Finals in Peterborough, Ont. In combination with our post-game recovery regime, the product assisted in helping our players recover following each game, as games were played consecutively.  Players were able to report reduced muscle soreness in comparison to previous years.  New Westminster Salmonbellies highly recommend SierraSil as a part of your regiment for muscle and joint relief. Our Club is definitely going to be using SierraSil for all of the 2011 Season.

- Steve Mah Physiotherapist

With SierraSil, my body did not feel beat up from the heavy pre-Olympic training

- Bill Schuffenhauer US Bobsled Team

As a double below knee amputee and member of the Canadian National Sitting Volleyball Team, I find that SierraSil allows me to overcome the aches and pains that come from the on court pounding my body takes from playing this sport and the added off court training that comes with it. SierraSil provides me the opportunity to recover quickly from the rigors of training and remain mobile day in and day out.

- Dave Merchand CND Sitting Volleyball Team

In order to stay healthy, I take vitamins daily, but no other supplements. However, a teammate convinced me to try SierraSil this summer, and I haven’t looked back. It helped me feel even more healthy going into training camp. I also like the that SierraSil is Informed-choice certified, meaning its third party tested to be free of banned-substances.

- Evander Kane Winnipeg Jets

Our players are our most important asset, and keeping them in game shape in my priority. SierraSil Joint Formula 14 and Topical Spray help players perform their best.

- Bill Reichelt Head Athletic Trainer BC Lions

My name is Joe Resendez and I am the head athletic trainer for the 2010 NBA Development League Champions, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. I used up the samples provided by SierraSil on our players and was really impressed by the results. Some of our players felt energized and felt less soreness after games. It really shortened their recovery time between games. I would have no reservations using your product again, for our entire time.

- Joe Resendez Athletic Trainer
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