Athletes trust SierraSil in providing all natural joint relief and cartilage support. Read athlete testimonials and try our joint health products today!

Kevin Koe, Team Lead, 2016 Briar and World Champion of Curling*

“As a curler who competes at the highest levels I have suffered from knee pain constantly over the years.  Two months ago I started taking SierraSil and started seeing excellent results after only two weeks.  Now I am able compete and practice pain free and as an added bonus I have also noticed great improvements in my overall fitness due to being able to train off-ice without the typical aches and pains I typically would experience after a strenuous workout.  I am definitely pleased with the product and plan on taking SierraSil going forward.”

Marc Kennedy, 2016 Briar and World Champion of Curling*

“I have felt the incredible benefits of SierraSil after only a couple of weeks! The joint pain in my right hip and knee caused from years of competitive curling and repetitive stress is gone. I feel like my joints are 10 years younger. My need for over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs has disappeared, I only wish I would have discovered this product years ago.”

Julia M. Whistler BC*

Since the 2010 Olympics, I have had two ACL reconstructions and a micro fracture surgery on one knee to fix the cartilage damage (2 cm 2 bare bone). I continue to ski, bike and run, but my knee swells and aches. SierraSil keeps my swelling down, helps my aching and supports my active lifestyle. As a holistic nutritionist, I love the fact that the ingredients are natural!

J Chan Vancouver*

I am an avid tennis player – I play every day and I experience the usual aches and discomfort caused by over usage of the same muscles. I was introduced to SierraSil about 5 years ago when I tweaked my knee. I started taking it as a daily supplement and I could not believe how quickly my discomfort subsided after only a week of taking it. I am now a firm believer and have been taking it every day since.

It works.  You just have to try it.

Maureen De St. Croix – White Rock, BC*

Since using SierraSil these past 10 months on a regular basis I have noticed a significant decrease in knee joint discomfort, particularly at the end of a long day standing. As a BC Athletics official, I am on my feet nonstop for the day,  and before using SierraSil regularly, I was pretty well crippled at the end of the day.

Now, I can manage a full day of officiating, and any small discomfort at the end of the day is well handled by the discomfort relief spray. I no longer have any night discomfort and am able to walk without constraint, including going up and down stairs. Kneeling in my garden, getting up and down from sitting or from the ground are no longer a problem. I am looking forward to increased improvement as I continue to use SierraSil.

Brian K. – Stoney Creek, ON*

My lady and I have both experience a great deal of relief using SierraSil so I thought I’d provide a testimonial if you wish to use it.

I’m a 71 year old active male with a few aches from various activities like hockey, and every day bumps and bruises. I have a prosthesis in my left shoulder from a major displacement and issues in the bottom of my left foot. These two health concerns cause me the greatest amount of discomfort. Soft tissue in both arms ache from below the elbow up to the shoulder and is causing many sleepless nights. I’ve been using various topical ointments and creams but the relief is only temporary.

I’ve heard Erin Davis, morning co-host on Toronto FM radio CFRB 98.1 talk about the benefits of SierraSil. I wasn’t able to locate the capsules initially but found the SierraSil topical spray and I’ve been using it to relieve the discomfort in my shoulder. Recently I found the capsules and started taking them on March 30, 2015. By Thursday, April 2nd I realized I was able to do certain tasks without discomfort in arms and since then I haven’t been bothered with discomfort through the night. That was in just 4 days.

My lady also started to take SierraSil and she no longer experiences the discomfort in her back and knees. We are both grateful for the relief SierraSil has provided. My vegetable and flower gardens also thank you and are now being prepared discomfort free.

Neil S. – Thornhill, ON*

I am a golf professional and very active and on my feet a lot. I have had a lot of discomfort in both my ankle joints and affter 1.5 weeks taking SierraSil, the discomfort is gone. I will continue taking it daily and recommend it highly to anyone experiencing joint discomfort.

Thank you SierraSil !

Cheryl Bernard Canadian Olympic Curling*

SierraSil Joint Formula 14 has enabled me to play high level curling for many years, without injury.  And as I train for my first marathon at the age of 47, it has enabled me to push my workouts in the gym further, have quicker recovery and reduced aches.

Tommy Europe Celebrity Personal Trainer*

I used SierraSil to help with an old shoulder injury from football and continue to take it daily as it’s the best product I’ve found for recovery and eliminating post exercise stiffness.

Dale Weise, NHL player*

I started using SierraSil over the summer and almost right away I noticed a difference in my recovery from workouts.  This year with lockout it really helped as we were working out so much longer than normal.  When I signed in Europe I took some with me too, and some of my teammates in Europe even started using the spray.