People trust SierraSil in providing joint relief for knee and cartilage discomfort and more. Read their testimonials and try our products today!

Shelly Clancy – Boynton Beach, FL

Several years ago I was having severe knee aches to the point where it was difficult to walk. I decided to try SierraSil when I saw their pamphlet at my health food store in Toronto. It was like a miracle. Only a few weeks into taking it, I felt a noticeable difference and in only a short time I was back to normal. Since then I have had several bouts of both knee and shoulder aches and immediately went back to taking my SierraSil with the same wonderful results. I recently moved to the US and again have had a few flare-ups and was grateful to know I was able to order SierraSil. I now intend on taking the product on a continual basis in order to maintain good joint health. My sincere thanks for a product that has given me my mobility back

Laura Ramsay – Vancouver, BC

Before starting SierraSil, I have worn a brace for my knee for many years hoping to avoid replacement surgery. While on the verge of asking for that surgery, I started taking SierraSil. My knee has become less bowed and I’m able to compete at provincial and national level in tennis and squash without any aches. I’m also climbing Grouse Mountain weekly and regularly play a few hours a day and referee basketball for 2 ½ -3 hours at a time. SierraSil has been a factor in my improvement and I’m happy to have it as part of my health regimen. At 67, I’m working hard to maintain my level of fitness and I’m hoping it will help me get to the World Masters Games next April.



Sharon – Arthurette, NB

I was diagnosed with multiple medical conditions a couple of years ago and experienced aching joints. I decided to try a one month supply of Joint Formula14 to see how I got along as I was skeptical. I was not taking medications for my joints and I was pleasantly surprised at the results. In one month, I have experienced definite improvements in discomfort, mobility and flexibility. I have already recommended SierraSil to others.

Colleen Elste

On May 22, 2016, I woke up with a very sore right arm after a night of bowling. After physio, acupuncture, laser, doctor’s appointments, 2 different kind of braces and icing it, the ache was still there, so bad that it woke me up at night. On CHFI radio, I heard about SierraSil Joint Formula Active and how it helped with joint aches and stiffness. I bought a bottle and found relief in just a few days. When I ran out of the pills and had trouble finding a supplier who carried the Joint Formula Active, my aches came back. Yesterday, after the help from a SierraSil representative, I was able to buy another bottle and in a few days my aches will be gone again. Thanks SierraSil!

Brad Nelson – Vancouver, BC

I was diagnosed 7 years ago with a degenerative hip which would eventually require surgery. I still continued to play sports and about 5 years ago a few fellow athletes told me about SierraSil. I began taking SierraSil each day and have religiously continued since. Within months, I noticed improvement in mobility and less aches in my hip. Thank you SierraSil.

Gord – London, ON

SierraSil is certainly a life changer for me. SierraSil allowed me to get through the day without discomfort in my back, knees and ankles. Thank you SierraSil for the relief. I am back to normal activities at age 78.

Heather Williams – Vancouver, BC

I have moderately severe degenerative joint disease in my cervical and lumbar spine. I started taking SierraSil in 2003 and took it daily for 5 years with great results – improved function and reduced aches. In 2010, I stopped taking SierraSil and my aches and loss of function returned. I started back on SierraSil and the relief was fantastic after 3 days. I take SierraSil every morning and even with a worsening condition since an automobile accident in February 2016, I still have minimal aches and excellent mobility in my knees and back.

Sally Adams – BC

I started taking SierraSil on the advice of a caring friend. Within 1 week, my life had changed. I had no aches and no longer walked with my cane. The aches I had tolerated for some years (and was getting worse) was suddenly gone. I drank the amount of water suggested and that too was a good thing.

It’s only been 2 weeks and I cannot believe the results. I can sleep in comfort, I can do my everyday chores and enjoy life again moving freely. My good friend can hardly believe this as well. I am so thankful to him and to SierraSil for giving me back my freedom to enjoy this life.

Bruce Davidson

I wish I had heard of your product sooner, I’ve wasted time and money over the years with no success. I tried SierraSil two weeks ago and the aches are now minimal in spite of having to lift my 170lb wife from bed to a commode and recliner at least 8 times a day. She suffers from advanced of Dementia and can offer no assistance as she has no comprehension at all. SierraSil is God send. If you suffer from joint stiffness and aches, imagine what it can do for you. You owe it to yourself to it!

Nina Saulnier

I started using your Joint Formula 14 several months ago due to aches in my wrist and elbow. A few days later the aches literally seemed to subside and was actually forgotten about. Since then I have promoted your product to least 4 people who are now having similar results. I am so pleased with the product and will certainly continue to promote it to whoever wants to be free from aches and stiffness. Thank you!