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SierraSil has provided great joint and cartilage relief for a countless number of people. Read through our testimonials and see what SierraSil can do for you!


I had first taken SierraSil a few years ago for knee and leg aches especially when hiking in hilly areas. I had stopped taking it but shortly after went on a major hiking trip which I completed without the slightest bit of discomfort. Last fall, I again was having aches in my hip and leg to the point that I could not lay on my left side and was going up stairs with my right leg only. I decided to give SierraSil another try. The first 3 or 4 weeks passed with little change but by the end of the first bottle of 180 capsules (2 months) I did notice some improvement. About the 3 month mark, I realized that the aches and discomfort in my hip, leg and knee was virtually gone. I have no hesitation in recommending SierraSil.

- Sharon from Oakville, ON

I have been taking SierraSil Active for almost 1 week and the results are amazing! My back has been aching for months, it was very hard to get out of bed in the morning and get moving. The same goes for my knee. I can’t believe the aches are gone in just a few days.

- Riny de Jonge

I am finding great results! The dogs that I am trying it out on are Ch. Mach Ten NEO, a Belgian Malinois who performs as a super dog at the PNE. And as his name depicts, he moves a mach ten speed! During his recent training preparing for this season of PNE, he had sprained his hock. The SierraSil seems to be helping. His daughter Ch. Topsecret Fairy Princess, is just starting her try outs for super dogs and we are using SierraSil as a preventative measure for her to stay healthy under the strenuous exercises and practice sessions. I am recommending it for all the super dogs on the team.

Not to be left out, the rather pudgy Petite Basset Griffon, small rustic rabbit hound, is getting one as a treat and I actually see a little more energy in the lazy thing. He normally prefers to sleep till noon and lately has been getting up with the birds.

So I think the product is terrific and I like the new packaging and price point. Good job!

- Delvina Beaulac, Vitamins + More Manager at Thrifty Foods

For years I endured swelling and aches in both knees due to early injuries and subsequent stiffness. Knee replacements were the option offered by my doctor. I really didn’t want that until all possibilities were investigated. I had heard ads for SierraSil and decided I need to try it. Four day later, swelling was noticeably reduced, mobility restored to normal and aches controlled. I am back to walking 2 miles a day and enjoying life immensely. Thank you SierraSil. Life is good.

- Joan Wright

For 6 years I have been using SierraSil Joint Formula 14 and found it to be very effective in controlling my joint aches as well as lessening the stiffness of the joints in my fingers. The detoxifying properties of JF14 that helps clean the digestive system also is of interest to me. My recommendation is, GIVE IT A TRY.

- Doreen Carlson

I have been a very athletic person my whole life. I am always doing something outside. I am a fire fighter and co-owner of a Crossfit gym. I started using SierraSil Active about 1 week ago and already notice a huge difference in my hip. I have already recommended it to many of our members.

- Todd Gleason

I have bad hips and have known they needed to be replaced since 1993. My doctor told me that I should live with them as long as possible as I was too young to have replacements. Recently the aches were beginning to be unbearable like a dull tooth ache. I had been waking up around 10 times per night because of the discomfort. I made an appointment with my doctor. to start the ball rolling on replacements. I had nothing to lose so I tried SierraSil Active. I only took 1 capsule each morning as I am not a big pill taker. Two days later, I had no aches and I was sleeping through the night. I cancelled my doctor appointment and after a month I am still feeling good with no aches. I have recommended it to some of my friends with the same outcome. Thank you for a good night sleep with no discomfort or aches

- Scott Bailey

Pet Chews were recommended to me by my local Nutter’s store as a good alternative to help my 10 + year old Golden Retriever, Billy. Billy had been becoming increasingly impacted by hip joint aches and immobility. He had started having difficulty getting up from a laying or sitting position.

We started him on the chews right away noticing that after a few days, he seemed to be moving with more ease and was more active. We knew he was feeling much better the day he tried chasing 3 rabbits!

I called SierraSil as I had wanted to purchase more chews but they didn’t seem to be available. I was relieved to hear the Pet Chews were being reformulated and will soon be available. After seeing the remarkable change in our beloved family pet, I want to able to keep him active. The Pet Chews are a great supplement to his diet resulting in a much-improved quality of life.

- Mary Wilton

Our 11 year old dog, Rylie, was beginning to show signs of sore hips. She would not go for walks and had difficulty on stairs. We decided to try SierraSil Pet Chews after attending a seminar by the owner of the company. Within weeks Rylie was able to take short daily walks, climb stairs and even run again. This is a great product with no side effects.

- Suzanne Thériault

In 2014, Winnie, our 9 year old black lab, was playing with our grandchildren in the back yard when I noticed she was favoring one of her back legs. I figured the kids had really got her going and maybe tired her old body out. She was still favoring it the next day. I had heard on the radio that someone had given SierraSil to their dog. So since I had SierraSil myself and it did wonders for me, I thought I would give it a try. The trying was to convince Winnie to take the pills. I tried mixing it in her food, that didn’t work. Bananas seem to work the best but the odd time, she felt the pill in her mouth and spit it out. After a couple of weeks, you could tell she was feeling much better and getting back to her old (young) self again. It was good to see.

In late fall of 2015, now 10 years old, she was again playing with the grandkids, but this time she slipped on some plywood I had used to cover the carpet on the deck for winter and injured her knee. We took her to the vet with our concern and were told she would need an operation but would be better to see what she would be like in 8 weeks with minimal activities. The vet prescribed some joint medicine that of course was very expensive and I explained to them about the SierraSil joint formula I had given to her before, that in my opinion was very helpful. We took Winnie home and immediately went on the net to see if there was a formula for dogs. To my surprise there was “SierraSil Pet Chews” tablets form and tasty, so no problem in getting her to take them. What a relief! Well as it turned out 10 weeks later she was back to herself. Maybe at some point she will still need that operation but for now she is back as usual playing with the kids. We now have her on a maintenance program of SierraSil Pet Chews to help with her aging joints. Winnie and I both thank SierraSil in enjoying her life to the fullest.

- Marty Krauss
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