SierraSil has provided great joint and cartilage relief for a countless number of people. Read through our testimonials and see what SierraSil can do for you!


I have been giving the pet chews product to my cats
for almost two months and they seem to be more agile.  I believe this is a beneficial product for pets
and would recommend it.

- Cassandra K. (Pet Chews)

My husband and I have taken SierraSil for at least 6 
years now and we have told hundreds of people, friends, family and new acquaintances, neighbors etc. about the miracle of SierraSil.

We had a four acre parcel of land which we planted at least 50 trees, landscaped with at least 3 acres of grass and about 20 flower beds and a garden large enough for a family of 10. So we both worked very hard-back breaking work to keep our acreage looking very attractive, and as a result at the end of a day our joints and muscles were very sore. We were both retired at 55 so still young enough to keep it 8 hours a day or so.

We heard about SierraSil on a talk show radio on CHQR with Roy Green and tried it and have taken it since. We noticed if we don’t have it for 3 or 4 days, our joints start acting up and getting sore. I normally buy two bottles at a time when they are on sale.

We are both nearing our 70s now and our lifestyle has slowed down a lot, but are still active with friends and family. My husband unfortunately was diagnosed with ALS over 4 years ago, but is still walking, exercising as much as he can and wouldn’t think of not taking his 3 SierraSil each and everyday.

Thank you for such a great product.

- Leona A.

This really helps the muscles recover.  I recommend SierraSil to all my friends.

- Diana M Houston

Was diagnosed with issues in my left knee a month or so ago. Heard a lot about this product thought I would give it a try. After two days I felt less discomfort in my knee.

- Robert M Scarborough

Both knees were replaced. I had some discomfort after replacement. Now for 10 years I have been using SierraSil and the discomfort is gone. Now after replacement for 12 years.

Gene Stychyshyn

- Gene S Regina

I like the product on my knee which is diagnosed with muscle aches. Together with the SierraSil spray and physio therapy I am symptom free.


- Gladys Nolette

At 77years of age I am still working summers doing maintenance at an RV park. Several years ago I needed a knee brace on both knees to keep going. Also one hand was so bad I could not touch my fingers with my thumb. Listening to Shel Busey on the radio one Saturday, he was talking about SierraSil. I bought some and I have been taking SierraSil faithfully for years. I take no prescribed medication. I have absolutely no problem now. My wife has neck issues and also swears by SierraSil. I have recommended it many times and will continue to do so.

SierraSil is a life changer!


Merl Kober


- Merl Kober

After taking SierraSil I have noticed less discomfort and more mobility in joints of hands and fingers. I do have a “trigger” finger which is moving-opening easier.

- Lorraine L Evansburg


Eight years ago my doctor told me eventually I would need a knee replacement. I started taking SierraSil almost 5 years ago after hearing Charles Adler talking about it on the radio. I have no discomfort. Also I suffered from bowel irritation all my life from 17 years old. I no longer have it and I will be 75 this year and tell everyone about SierraSil.

It is awesome!

- Janet C Okotoks

I am currently 40 years of age and throughout the years have taken numerous medications, supplements and vitamins to control my condition. Fortunately I experienced some periods of remission from time to time with the aid of a medical team and western medicine. However I am not interested in taking these medications over a prolonged period of time as the negative effects exist.

Two years ago two people spoke of SierraSil within a 24 hour period. I believe this was some sort of Omen so I decided to take their advice based on their positive results. Note at the time I was experiencing discomfort in my hands each morning upon awakening and it was a challenge to grip items. So naturally I was willing to try anything!

The results were positive for me within the third month of taking the product. My partner was the one that made me aware of my positive results as I was no longer complaining and as a result he has been taking it over the last two years as well.

I am not under the belief that SierraSil will slow down the progression of my disease as it is still unknown as to the causes, but I do know that my discomfort levels have decreased significantly if not non-existent and the quality of my life has improved! I will continue to take this product for life as I consider it a staple towards my lifelong wellness. Thank you again.




- Helene N Chilliwack
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