6 Realistic Rules for Better Sleep

There have been many studies on what rules to follow to achieve the best sleep possible for your body, but with so many rules to follow and remember throughout the day, how can anyone keep them all straight? In this article, six simple steps are shared to insure that you wake up refreshed and ready to take on your day. The rules are simple, easy to remember, and unconventional compared to the rules we have heard all our lives.

The article discusses sleeping in on the weekends and how many hours of extra sleep will benefit you and your internal time clock. Exercising before bed is mentioned as well as how having pets in bed and it affects sleeping habits.  How do caffeinated drinks determine how you will sleep, or bedtime stories? Have you considered keeping track of your sleeping habits alongside your food or exercise log? This article tells us how we can fall asleep faster and deeper in these six easy rules.

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