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Detox for an Energy Boost

5 Benefits of Detoxing Your Body in the New Year

2017 is finally here. And like many this time of year, you may be looking ahead and setting goals to live a healthier lifestyle. But with a growing exposure to pollution, processed foods, and toxins, your liver can get overburdened, making it difficult to get your health back on track. Thankfully, a great way to support your liver and take better care of yourself is to support your body’s detoxification processes. So, if your New Year’s plans include losing excess weight, boosting your energy, or getting fit, here are five ways a detox will help you see your resolution through. Read more

Mid-month Slump

Tips to thriving through the New Year‰’s resolution mid-month slump

How is your commitment to your New Year’s resolutions? Some individuals tend to lose steam and momentum at the mid-month mark because they take on too many goals or change their schedule entirely in order to achieve certain goals, for example going to the gym 3-5 times a week or following a restrictive diet. If you find yourself slowing down or wanting to throw in the towel, here are some tips to get you through the rough patches and come out thriving.

Take small steps

If you want to implement a new fitness or nutrition regimen, start small. It is the small things we do in life that make the biggest differences. You don’t lose weight overnight nor do you gain the strength to complete a race. It’s about starting small, adjusting along the way and implementing good habits everyday over a period of time. If you don’t see positive results right away, don’t give up, know that every step you take is leading you towards your ultimate goal. Read more

The Benefits of Exercise on Joint Health

If you suffer from joint discomfort, exercising can be difficult. Some think exercising increases discomfort and it’s best to avoid putting any additional pressure on the joints. But the opposite is true. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Exercising can help ease stiffness, improve joint movement, strengthen muscles and maintain bone density. Even slight movements can help pump the blood to the joints, lubricate the joints and strengthen the muscles to protect the joints. When you don’t work out, that is when the discomfort increases and arthritis worsens. However, keep in mind that prolonged and intense workouts may worsen the discomfort and inflammation.

When implementing a regular exercise regimen, avoid strenuous activity, listen to your body and incorporate light activities. If you are just starting out, aquatic exercises may be a great place to start. Aquatic workouts help relieve pressure of your body’s weight on the affected joints, while providing resistance for your muscles to get stronger. You can even do aquatic exercise if you don’t know how to swim. Other light activities may include jogging, walking, light weights and stretching (yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi). If you are uncertain which type of exercise is best for you, consult with your health care provider. Read more

Video Blog: Caroline Berry on why anti-inflammatory diets are great for joint health and mobility

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Video Blog: Dr. Jack Taunton talks sports medicine

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Video Blog: Dr. Kam Shojania on lifestyle factors to maintain joint health

Video Transcript My career has been most at UBC. I’ve trained at UBC in medicine and internal medicine, rheumatology, and then I became faculty whereupon I became head of rheumatology at UBC and also St. Paul’s and VGH. My career is mainly seeing patients, but also teaching and doing research at the Arthritis Research Canada, […]

Video Blog: Kevin O’Connor talks about goal setting and training with a team

Video Transcript You need realistic goals. I’ll be turning fifty in a year and a year and half time and I’m already looking at trying to break the Canadian records of fifty. I think with realistic goals it’s much easier to do, and the fact is I have a good training group that I run […]

Video Blog: Dr. Bal Pawa discusses women’s health as we age

Video Transcript Hello, I’m Dr. Bal Pawa. I’m the co-founder of Westcoast Women’s Clinic, an integrative medical clinic, specializing in hormonal health. We have a reputation in this community for about fifteen years. We pioneered the clinic, we were one of the first in BC. Women come to us because we are MDs who look […]