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Video Blog: Dr. Jack Taunton talks sports medicine

Video Transcript The passion that I have for sports medicine has been there for a long time. As a young child, grade one, I had polio and I went through extensive rehabilitation. Then just as I was getting over that into junior high school, I got hit by a car and had a fractured dislocation […]

Video Blog: Dr. Kam Shojania on lifestyle factors to maintain joint health

Video Transcript My career has been most at UBC. I’ve trained at UBC in medicine and internal medicine, rheumatology, and then I became faculty whereupon I became head of rheumatology at UBC and also St. Paul’s and VGH. My career is mainly seeing patients, but also teaching and doing research at the Arthritis Research Canada, […]

Video Blog: Kevin O’Connor talks about goal setting and training with a team

Video Transcript You need realistic goals. I’ll be turning fifty in a year and a year and half time and I’m already looking at trying to break the Canadian records of fifty. I think with realistic goals it’s much easier to do, and the fact is I have a good training group that I run […]

Video Blog: Dr. Bal Pawa discusses women’s health as we age

Video Transcript Hello, I’m Dr. Bal Pawa. I’m the co-founder of Westcoast Women’s Clinic, an integrative medical clinic, specializing in hormonal health. We have a reputation in this community for about fifteen years. We pioneered the clinic, we were one of the first in BC. Women come to us because we are MDs who look […]