SierraSil is widely used amongst healthcare professionals in providing joint relief to their patients. Read their testimonials and try our products today!

Marianne Grobbelaar, Medical Exercise Specialist

I have been using your products on clients since Wednesday. 
Yesterday I was working with a woman that has been suffering from chronic pain for many years, I sprayed her with Sierra Sil at the start of the session. Half way through, she started crying saying that she hasn’t had a moments relief in so many years, but that she felt this overwhelming sense of relaxation and a decrease in pain. I cried too, I was so happy. I am so excited about your products!
Have a lovely afternoon.

Tom Tardi – Maple Ridge, BC

I’ve been in the nutraceutical industry for 40 years! Occasionally you come across a product that really makes a difference in people’s lives… SierraSil is one of them. SierraSil allows me to continue my active lifestyle without the joint and back aches I suffered through before learning about SierraSil. I no longer require Ibuprofen to get through a round of golf or tennis matches. Thank you so much!

Delvina Beaulac, Vitamins + More Manager at Thrifty Foods*

I am finding great results! The dogs that I am trying it out on are Ch. Mach Ten NEO, a Belgian Malinois who performs as a super dog at the PNE. And as his name depicts, he moves a mach ten speed! During his recent training preparing for this season of PNE, the SierraSil seems to be helping. His daughter Ch. Topsecret Fairy Princess, is just starting her try outs for super dogs and we are using SierraSil as a preventative measure for her to stay healthy under the strenuous exercises and practice sessions. I am recommending it for all the super dogs on the team.

Not to be left out, the rather pudgy Petite Basset Griffon, small rustic rabbit hound, is getting one as a treat and I actually see a little more energy in the lazy thing. He normally prefers to sleep till noon and lately has been getting up with the birds.

So I think the product is terrific and I like the new packaging and price point. Good job!

Dr. Melissa Carr, B.Sc., Dr.TCM – Vancouver, BC*

As a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I am often presented with natural products to help treat and relieve joint discomfort. When I was recommended to try SierraSil with my patients, I decided to try it on my husband first. He had separated his shoulder more than a year ago, and though he had healed pretty well, he still had some residual discomfort. After only a couple of days SierraSil, he has already noticed he is able to do more during his workouts, without aggravating his shoulder, and it continues to improve.

Dr. Ken*

I had heard all the commercials and had several patients ask my opinion on SierraSil so I decided to try it myself.  10’s of 1,000’s of adjustments per year for 17 years in practice has taken its toll on my hand and finger joints.  Morning stiffness and soreness is not uncommon. After 10 days of taking SierraSil there was a noticeable improvement!  It worked for me and I’m confident it’ll work for you!

Dr. Tom Close D.C. – Monument, CO*

As a chiropractor for almost 40 years (I am 64 years old), I have used many formulas for joint health and SierraSil seems easily the most effective. “

Dr. Rod Thompson – Winnipeg, MB*

I began using Sierra Sil personally to see if it would help. Before using Sierra Sil I was unable to run for more than fifty yards. After using Sierra Sil for about two months I was able to run as far as my 60-year-old heart would take me (about 5K)! I began recommending Sierra Sil to my patients and the results have been impressive. There are very few people who either cannot take Sierra Sil or do not notice any benefit, but the vast majority find it very helpful. The demand has become so great I have trouble keeping it in stock. I recommend it without reservation.

Dr. Charles Rassel, D.C. – Escondido, CA*

The results are incredible!

Dr. Genieve Burley, D.C. – Vancouver, BC*

I am dedicated to use natural products whenever possible. I really do like SierraSil, I use the topical spray on each patient, they love the way they feel and smell after a treatment.

Dr. Clem Williams – West Vancouver, BC*

My patients have found that SierraSil works effectively. It’s amazing! In 2-3 weeks they get responses – I’m very pleased with it.