How To Recognize The Good In Each Day

How To Recognize The Good In Each Day

What are you doing today? We get bombarded by messages about living life to the fullest and seizing the day. We want you to remember that you don’t need to climb a mountain or run a marathon or write a bestseller for today to be considered a great day.

Find your joy and happiness in each and every day – even the days that feel routine and hum-drum. We’ve put together some tips on how to see the greatness in today.

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Every day is a great day.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Your good day starts the night before when you tuck into bed. Give yourself time to relax with a book, podcast, or magazine. Do what you need to do to relax and settle in for some solid sleep. Many people struggle with a restless mind and find it hard to get to sleep. To combat this, write out a “to do” list and leave it on your kitchen counter or get your clothes laid out for the next day or have a plan to meet up with a friend first thing for a walk, swim, yoga, or catch-up over coffee.

We want you to go to bed knowing that the next day is going to be a good one. When you fall asleep feeling positive about what lies ahead, it’s so much easier to see the small things that make the day a good one. You may want to write down a short gratitude list before you go to bed and put it in your bathroom, so you’ll see it first thing. This helps set you up for an open and positive frame of mind. For example, you could write: I’m grateful for my joint health that allows me to go to yoga, I’m grateful for the health and wellness of my family, I’m grateful for my dog who fills my day with joy, etc.

Take A Deep Breathe

Hooray, it’s the morning and you’re awake. This is cause for celebration. Seriously, be happy that you woke up in your own home, in your bed, and had a safe and secure night of sleep. We forget how lucky we are to be able to do this – this is not something everyone in the world has the privilege of doing. Be thankful for the night before and use this energized feeling to set you up for a great day ahead.

You’ll likely turn on the radio, open the newspaper, or turn to a news website as you’re eating breakfast or drinking coffee. Now, this is when we want you to take a deep breathe. Yes, there is a lot of bad stuff happening in the world. However, there is also lots of good stuff. If you have to, skip the front page or the news broadcast and start with the sports, lifestyle, comics, or music. Be ready to start your workday or weekend off with a positive frame of mind – maybe you want to print out or cut out the article that made you smile and tuck into your pocket for a simple reminder of the good thing you learned.

Do What You Can – But Don’t Overdo It

You’re busy. Your kids are busy. Your partner is busy. Your dog is busy. Your friends are busy. Your colleagues are busy. Everyone is busy.

It’s time to slow down and put the brakes on being busy. Slow down and stick to the key things you need and want to do in your day. Give each of these moments and activities the attention and priority they deserve. Very likely, you’ll enjoy these moments more and realize how fortunate you are to be doing what you’re doing.

Folding laundry might not seem that exciting but it sure is better than being in bed sick. Driving your kids to soccer practice in a traffic jam is not ideal but relish the time you get to spend with your kids. Work might be a bit stressful but be thankful that you have a job that pays you a salary that allows you to live a full life.

Sure, this sounds a bit over-the-top, but trust us here. When you slow down and realize how lucky you are to have the time, energy, health, and opportunity to live a busy and full life – you do appreciate it more.

Move Your Body But Remember to Rest

Maye you’re an avid cyclist or bodybuilder and you’ve committed yourself to an intense training program. This commitment to your health and being passionate about a sport is fantastic, however we want you to remember why you’re out cycling or in the gym. You’re doing this because you enjoy it.

Don’t become a slave to your passion. Don’t become so consumed with running, tennis, bodybuilding, gardening, or hiking to the point that you lose the fun in the activity. Give yourself a chance to take a break, to have rest days, and to enjoy your hobbies and sports with friends and family.

We often worry about people in our lives who are workaholics, but overlook those of us who become hobbyaholics or volunteeraholics. Everything in moderation – work, hobbies, volunteering, sports, and chocolate cake. Take time to see how far you’ve come with your sport or hobby and give yourself a giant pat on the back. It’s a great day when you can get out for a run with friends and then relax at home watching a movie with your family.

When The Going Gets Tough – Smile Big

There are people you meet who are super inspiring. These people always seem to be positive even when dealing with challenging situations such as health problems, family stress, or intense sadness.

Think about what makes these people so inspiring. It’s likely not the life hurdles they’re dealing with, instead it’s the way they deal with these hurdles. While they might not be smiling all-day, they are looking forward, setting goals and reminding themselves that they likely have it better than someone else.

Sure, there are going to be tough and horrible moments in your life. This is what makes you human. But, remember that you can choose how to deal with these tough moments. Think about the good to come in the next day, week, or month. Imagine how great you’ll feel once you’ve got through this rough time. Take solace in knowing that you’ve got friends and family around to support and love you.

Be Thankful For Your Health

Whether you’re dealing with joint discomfort, arthritis, diabetes, or another health concern – remember that you are still very fortunate. We’re lucky to be living in a time when there are amazing break-throughs in healthcare, making it much easier for you to get the treatment, advice, and care you need.

Whatever health issue you have, think of things you can still do. Maybe you have stiff knees and it is hard to get to yoga – the good news is you can go to water aerobics. Or maybe you’re recovering from a running injury – the good news is you can go to the gym and strengthen overlooked muscles. Look beyond the things that are slowing you down and see what you can do.

We want you to live a full and happy life. This means accepting the things you can’t change and doing your best with what you can control. The little things that can accumulate during your day, really don’t matter at the end-of-the-day. Forget about the person who cut you off in traffic or the pushy person at the grocery store or the overcooked rice – these are just blips on the radar of life.

Tell us how you find the good in each day. Your message about finding the good in your day, could be just the inspiration someone else needs to smile and feel good about their day.