Latest Information on Longevity

Latest Information on Longevity

The quest to live forever has always been part of the human spirit. Ever since we became aware of our own mortality, we’ve been looking for ways to slow down the hands of time.

From the latest anti-aging products and supplements to “miracle” drugs and biohacking, the hottest fountain-of-youth trends are only fueling our continued obsession to a longer and healthier life. While there is definitely some interesting, emerging science behind longevity, we still are a long way away from avoiding the inevitable.

Taking cold showers, dumping loads of butter in your coffee, and transfusing the blood of young people into the elderly—it seems there’s no shortage of longer-life hacks out there. In all likelihood, the secrets to longevity don’t have to be all that complicated (or disgusting, for that matter).

Get back to the basics

When it comes to living longer, you just can’t beat the basics. And the best part? Everyone can do them. Exercising every day, eating real whole foods (and avoiding the ultra-processed kind), quitting smoking, cutting back on your alcohol intake, and getting enough sleep are all fundamental things you can do to that will add years to your life.

Floss daily 

Yes, floss. Really. You heard it a million times before from your dentist. “Don’t forget to floss.” Truth is, flossing is not only an important part of proper oral hygiene, it can also improve your overall health and help you live longer. The simple act of flossing will help prevent bacterial infections spreading from your mouth to other parts of your body.

Reach out

Having a good social network is paramount for a longer lifespan. Loneliness can boost stress levels, affect the quality of sleep, cause inflammation, decrease immune function, and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. So, if you want to stay heathy, turn off the TV, put down the smartphone, and go hang out with your family or friends—your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for many years to come.

Practice mindfulness

When looking forward to a long future, practice mindfulness about the present. In a study comparing participants at a meditation retreat to a group waiting to participate, the participants—who meditated for 6 hours a day over 3 months—were found to have 30% more telomerase than non-participants. While we don’t know if the meditators will actually live longer, telomerase is an enzyme that helps protect our chromosomes, so more of this enzyme may slow aging.

Keeping moving

The benefits of exercise on health and longevity are well-established. But, of course, if you’re in pain, it’s harder to get active. So, if you want to live long (and well), first you’re going to need to manage your muscle or joint pain. SierraSil is a natural supplement for joint pain relief that will keep you moving, helping you live longer.